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The Indian music scene is a volatile one; bands come and go so fast that you can hardly remember their names let alone the songs, so why am I writing this article? Well, I am writing because every once in a while you find something that makes you stop and listen; “ A glint of gold in the dust”. That’s what I think “GoldSpot” is.

But first, a little history. Indian music in the

West was first popularized by the Beatles way back in the 60s, since then bands
have incorporated Indian instruments into their songs, but few have done more
than the occasional feature. Most westerner’s idea of Indian music is the sitar
(thank Ravi Shankar and countless hippies). 

I first came across Goldspot when their song
“If the Hudson overflows” was featured in the hit TV series “How
I Met Your Mother”. The song was sounded distinctly Indian but the lyrics
weren’t, and a sense of deja vu filled me. Then it struck me; The Beatles! The
style was clearly inspired by their work and further research and listening
about the band revealed a very unique history.

I hadn’t been wrong about the Indian connection,
the band’s lead singer, writer and front-man is Siddhartha Khosla; an American
of Indian descent, Siddhartha grew up in India and this left him with a lasting
memory and fondness for Indian music. When he joined his parents in the States
he embraced Western music as well, giving him a unique blend of Indian and
American music elements in both his voice and his music. 

In 2006, he started Goldspot along with James Gabbie, Jacob Owen, Paul Jenkins and Dave Sharma. His parents, predictably; weren’t delighted,
they had worked long and hard to build a life in the US, but Siddhartha was
determined and when the band took off, his parents fully supported his passion.
The name Goldspot has a story too; it’s named after a once popular Indian
soft-drink which Siddhartha remembered fondly (try goggling it, I found
some very surprising posters and Ads).





                                ( the band’s first album “tally of the yes men”)





The band’s first album was ‘Tally of the yes men’
(2007) and was rated one of the best   of the year with its single
“It’s getting old” going to the top of the i-tunes downloads, only
behind Justin Timberlake.

 Songs from the album and its follow-up ‘And
the Elephant is Dancing’ (2010) have been featured in several TV shows
cementing the band’s popularity. A personal favorite is “Rewind” 
  which was also featured in HIMYM. The
album, true to the band’s style had some very unique music and featured
instruments like the Harmonium, the Greek bouzouki and omnichord

The band played in Mumbai (2012), in front of
packed crowds; something Siddhartha has stated as one of the band’s most
significant moments.

Their latest album ‘Aerogramme’ was released on
August 20, 2013. Focusing on his parent’s emigration, their struggles and his
upbringing, the Album promises to be very personal. The opening song ‘The
Border Line’, features the lines

“The tide brought me here.. I called it home, a
place I’ve never known.. It seems I’m caught between the moving plates beneath
my feet”

Goldspot is a band which has crossed cultural
divides; the music, the lyrics and the band itself is a seamless integration of
the West and India. In an Interview with NPR music, Siddhartha Khosla stated
that he had always wanted to infuse Indian culture in his work, stating “
‘It’s an important part of who I am, a big

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