Once the admission rush is over, the only thing fuchchas worry about is their first day at college and the rest of the college life. I still remember my first day at college. The morning was a bit different than the usual. It seemed like an ever-ending cycle of new experiences, new friends and new studies. There was a juxtaposition of excitement and nervousness on the same day. The only good news was that everyone around me were in the same boat. There was a hell lot of confusion regarding which way to go,what to do, whom to talk to etc. While for some, the day brings friends for life, for others it may be a little awkward and intimidating. But it is a day that no one ever forgets.

Studying in Lady Brabourne is a very different experience altogether. It has emerged as a multicultural venue for students from varied backgrounds.The college with its lush green lawns, fresh flowerage and clean gardens opposite Park Circus Maidan is one of the premier Institutions for women’s education in India. Established by the Government of West Bengal in July 1939 and named after the wife of Lord Brabourne, the Governor of Bengal till February 1939, the college made a humble beginning with 35 Muslim girls and 9 faculty members. The foundation stone was laid by Sir J. Woodhead, the then Governor of Bengal. Ever since, the college has expanded structurally and academically, earning the reputation of having an excellent academic environment.

We commonly know that with the word college comes enjoyment, social meetings, fun gatherings, participation in a lot of random sports, cultural activities, fests, canteen gossips etc. Be it the several co-curricular clubs or inter-college competitions, chances are excellent of meeting new people with common interests. Also moving out of your comfort zone might surprise you. Our college gives us ample of such opportunities. For the entire year, we remain engaged in numerous concours within the campus- both intra and inter, participate in manifold college fests in diverse locations and organize workshops, which help us give expression to our talent and interests. The Annual Fest is a real treat to watch. Having been part of the Student’s Union for a year, I have felt an exclusive delight in working towards a better representation of our college and have witnessed every individual share of hard work and jubilation. Speaking on the quote of Mitch Albom,”Belief, hardwork and love was all we had and we could do anything”. True that. Our Annual College Fest KALEIDOSCOPE of the year 2014 was a grand success. With music, stalls, games, friendly events and guest performances, it was a two day function of rejuvenation and mesmerising memories.

The one thing which is given the most attention is academics. Our college is very strict when it comes to scholastic activities. It follows an organised admission procedure based strictly on merit. Classes are held regularly. Any student ignorant or lenient about her studies is counseled on a serious note. The teachers are punctual, over concerned as well as appreciative. This is the thing which every student and their parents wish for- a talented faculty in college. Here the teachers are very encouraging. They make the endless boring lessons very intriguing through their brilliant capability of methodical teaching and interaction. You can freely connect with them on a one-to-one-basis and they always cater to individual troubles. Being rude, discordant or acrid in approach is not their way. Other than that the office staffs are equally cooperative and surprisingly helpful. This is not expected in many other campuses. Even we share an amiable relation with the gatekeeper whom we address as Nalin Da.

The college follows an austere code of conduct. Rules and regulations are highlighted in bold letters in the College Prospectus, disobeying which results in severe punishment. Bunking classes is never a part of our typical routine of college life, especially in Brabourne. No wonder, this Institution has gained name and fame as one of the highly reputed colleges in Kolkata.

Lady Brabourne has a beautiful infrastructure. Covering an area of over 6.1 acres of prime land, it provides courses in Science and Arts while a new building is on-it’s-making for housing the Commerce section. The fully air-conditioned spacious auditorium is the ideal place for seminars, functions and lectures by reputed speakers. The library has a collection of over 1 lakh books and journals.

Another speciality of our college is that it is strongly rooted in the traditional Indian Culture. Red bordered white saris or white salwar kameez with a red dupatta is a must for students attending any college function. The college does not enhearten any over-exposure of western culture. Apart from this, students are allowed to develop expertise in special skills. So the college offers several ‘Add-on Certificate courses’ such as Computer Application, Spanish language, Mass Media and Public Relations and Multimedia and Animation, enabling students to venture into new territories offering greater career chances.

The vibrant campus life is enjoyed by the students with various academic and cultural programmes interspersing the scheduled academic curriculum. Our college also has a ‘tradition of excellence’ in academics borne out by the record of consistently outstanding results secured by the students. The Alumnae of the college reveal the names of achievers in all walks of life. The professional achievements of the Brabournites, spread all over the world, illustrate the fulfillment of the cherished goals of Lady Brabourne College. Naturally, the college is known for its high standards of discipline, for the secular outlook it imparts and the ‘apolitical ambience’ it beholds.

    There is particularly nothing that I dislike about my college. Since I personally believe that as long as studies are given priority in college, there is nothing to worry about. College is not only about getting freedom, being a boys or a girl’s one or about being the most popular, it is also a big leap towards how we shape our future and enhance our scopes. It is about the enrichment of our lives and the betterment of our own selves.

Palomi Dey SArkar

I am bubbly, energetic, outspoken and straightforward. I dislike hypocrisy and hypocrites. With a passion for reading, writing and dancing, I move ahead. Always try to save the world from illiteracy!

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