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You have probably already wondered what college will be like. Will it be like home? Will it be like your high school experience? Will you be able to handle it? Will it be fun and exciting? Will it be scary and nerve wracking? Well hopefully,when I was admitted to SIES College (Nerul) of Arts, Science & Commerce into BSC.CS , I was completely overwhelmed by its infrastructure and the crowd in this cosmopolitan city.

Educational facilities form a part of the core of the infrastructure in a developing city. Realizing the need for a college catering to different faculties at the undergraduate level the South Indian Education Society took the initiative and established the SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce in 1998 with the affiliation of University Of Mumbai. The faculties of arts and science were added in the year 2003.The much in demand courses like the BMM, BMS, B. Sc (Computer science) and B. Sc (Information Technology) are also run in the college. Within a short span of seven years, the college has created a name for itself in Navi Mumbai. The vast campus and excellent infrastructure facilities are the highlights of the college.The South Indian Education society is very keen in following the principles it has laid for itself.

In a spirit of sincerity the faculty members of this epidom of knowledge stress on high standards of academic, professional and societal performance of every student. The human brain functions best in an atmosphere where there is an absence of threat,where everyone is treated with equal respect and where moral values are celebrated. The college aspires to instill in their students individual educational ownership and responsible life-long learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Apart from academics,the institute respond in a creative manner to a continuously changing cosmopolitan society by setting up of various committes like NSS (National Service Scheme), WDC (Women Development Cell), to inculcate among the students the moral importance of serving the community.

Various clubs such as Commerce club, Sports club, Economics club, Conservation club, Rotaract club etc. have been initiated in physical fitness and to develop proper attitudes and positive approaches to gather social and interpersonal skills. Character molding ,developing managerial and entrepreneurship skills, every department at SIES conducts its department fest within the college premises.Siesons is the annual intercollegiate, cultural festival of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce. The festival, which caters to all kinds of talent, had an array of events based onĀ Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Crossovers and Fine Arts.

The Institution prides itself in the fact that even though it is only 14 years old, it offers quality education in every respect where the Management, staff and students have made immense contribution in the growth of the Institution. The beginning was humble. But the college has grown by leaps and bounds over the years because the management and staff believe that education is the passport to the future.


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