A parchment, A pen and came about Reform

As I take glance at my watch, both the arms point to the same number. And with a deep breath I feel the momentum as I wield the greatest weapon invented by mankind. A weapon that has reformed history through the ages, a weapon that strikes fear within every dictator, a weapon that let great minds to express their ideologies and enlighten our world. This weapon does not demand blood as its toll for its arena is a piece of paper. The weapon possessed by us all but used by rather few “The Pen

As I write away holding the pen, bearing a question in my mind.I stroll down the memory lane gazing at the patches of black and white amidst the colorful album. The patches of rage, loathe, sorrow and forlorn. “How did I manage to get past all this pain and suffering?” I questioned myself. Right then the pages of my diary flipped to earlier dates bringing me back to reality where I came across entries that expressed my feelings about every situation. All became clear. I had found the answer I was seeking.

“For every fight that I have had, during the times of wrath, I had resolved it all with a pen instead of exchanging fists. I had taken to a pen and shared it all with a blank paper which then had an interesting tale to tell. Gradually every other page of my diary was filled with blue, every page bearing the unwanted person I left behind on it with the feeling of grief, vengeance, anger and desolation. Leaving behind emotions that I could have easily succumbed to and wasted myself, forever being in the darkness of my shadows. Writing made me feel like a feather and relieved for the burden of all those unwanted feelings had been shared and every time I read them I felt remorse which taught me to grow and evolve into a mature person, a person who has had the experience of the grotesque lurking in this world yet has an apt way of tackling them. And in time writing not only was a solution to copious personal issues but had also gained momentum as a hobby. It had now given birth to a strong willed person in me.

With time, I took to more diverse issues, particularly social ones and the evils prevailing in our society. Writing helped me express my perceptions, spread them like wild fire to like minds and bring about awareness. My work was acknowledged and promoted by my school. They supported my notions and were generous enough to allow me a platform where I had a greater number of curious ears and minds sustaining my notions. And now when I look at a mirror, a confident and mature person smiles back at me, and not the once upon a time hesitant, timid child.”

Writing, amigos, has not just been my savior but it had saved the future of our history for all the great minds too known today to us are known because of their work with literature. They with just their pen work brought about reforms mankind shall never forget of, reforms that have made us free men and women, reforms because of which we see the world today as it is. The influence they exerted with their writings bringing about a rise in the level of thoughts, thoughts less violent and more peaceful. The books soaked with their ink, engraved with their ideas to light us are kept in libraries with the stature of treasure. Their names carved in the hall of fame. They did not wield swords for they needed none. For they knew if swords could inflict wounds on the body, the words could pierce straight through the hearts and minds of people.

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