Window Shopping- its worth a try!

As soon as we hear the word “FREE”, it rings a bell in our mind and we surprisingly turn our attention to it. We can’t help it coz in this world where price hike makes the headline every second day, such offers are a relief, an opportunity which should not be missed! And thus, this technique is effectively used by many sellers to attract customers.
“Window Shopping” is another way of implementing the “Free” concept,  effectively used by customers instead of sellers. Of course, our well aware customers are no less than the smart sellers! 😉
Putting it in a sophisticated way, window shopping is the inexpensive inspection of various things which we might need in future. Its not just an activity, its an art, where one can learn a lot. Apart from analyzing the various products that fit into our budget, one can always catch up with the latest trends. It does not need any expenditure, and always helps us to know more about our likes and taste.
The only prerequisite of window shopping is time, and hell yes! one can at least afford some time in deciding what one might need in future! And not only that, window shopping has a lot more to offer.
Window Shopping prevents you from buying the ‘not much needed stuff’. When we are out there for shopping, we know we need to get whats on the list, urgently. And coz of that sometimes we got to settle for things which

we did not like much. If we had window shopped before, we would have in advance, a fairly good idea about what we’ll need exactly.
One thing which can always be learned while window shopping is the creativity with which things are displayed. The customer’s attention is the sole purpose, and that means the display is done in the best possible way. So, when we look at it we can implement it at other places as well. Like, a window display of a drawing room or a dining room can give you fairly new ideas for your own place. The table setting, the centerpieces and the entire presentation may prove inspirational.
Just like shopping is fun with friends, window shopping is also a good way to spend time with friends, with the added benefit that you can get opinions without actually buying anything. 🙂
Also, it is one of the most flexible ways to pass time too. Your friends and relatives are making you wait, roam around and look at stuff, your movie will begin in a while, the multiplex might have many windows to offer.
For some, it is just a way to kill time and for others it may even act as a stress buster! (yes, ladies..;)) Anyways, no matter how much it means to different people, window shopping has many advantages with no harms as such.
So go out, have a great time shopping just with your eyes 🙂

Pallavi Singhal

I enjoy the little things in life and express them through my words, whenever I feel like..

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