Prema-Pyaar-Love how powerful is this phenomenon?

Since many years this has been a topic of entertaining debate and discussion. Love is one powerful word that is making the people of the world go round and round in confusion, desperation, attraction, satisfaction and many other adjectives to name  (which I don\’t know ).

So the question here is how powerful is love? Before answering this universal question let us ask ourselves and our friends, what is love and how exactly do you define it ?
Normally people say that love is between two individuals and the 2 most common definitions of love are: Love between a girl and boy and mother’s love (of course love between two men is also gaining popularity these days) and we call people not having feelings as not lovable that is the common philosophy in here.
But according to me the definition of LOVE is “A form of strange feeling which makes that individual think and do things which sometimes can defy logic and sense but that individual finds pleasure and happiness in it and cannot live without that thing or individual that causes that strange feeling.”
A pretty looong definition but we are taught  definitions of such length since school so we are used to it .So now according to this definition, love can be towards anything not necessarily living organisms and we have seen, heard of instances where people have gone to extreme cases to for their love.

Coming to the topic how powerful is love, I say its very very very powerful and all the other powerful things in this world like money, fuel, army etc are the by products of this love.

How? This is your question… 

According to the definition above it can be said that humans are always obsessed with something or another. For instance take money, the thing which runs the world. There are many money making machines in this world and are mad about making money and they achieve their targets no matter what. So why is this madness?, according to the definition its love but love for money which makes the individual die without it and make that individual do things defying logic and sense (the satyam fiasco and many other frauds that came into light  these people for the love of making money made a ditch for themselves), coming to the other example I gave, fuel, now its no secret why the mighty USA is after Iran, Iraq and why is that? because fuel runs the world and the world loves fuel so automatically the whole world loves that country that has fuel thus full filling that country’s love for money, status and power. But like in all Indian masala movies love is difficult to find and acquire and to have love all by your self you need to fight and that’s what countries wanting their love do and as seen in  the history and now present countries do love to be loved and really fight hard for their love.These are just small examples and there are many things in this world that run on love, else how can we explain sadism?, its nothing but the love to torture people and how can we explain people dying for their loved ones?, how can we explain the unconditional love that we get from our pets, they die waiting for you but never betray you.

Murders -90% of the cases involve hate behind the murder and most of the time it involves a dejected lover who lost his love some how and  for many many such negative aspects in this world  the root cause is love in various forms.Love in positive forms also comes in various forms the most common parental love and spouse love ..but that is direct love, indirectly we have these great personalities famous people who made history because of their love to achieve certain tasks like

Mahatma Gandhi – Loved the freedom of his country
Steve Jobs – Loved innovation and growth
Ram Gopal Varma – Love for films
Thomas Edison – Loved his light bulb

The list goes on & on & on. And also we heard many many too many sweet romantic love stories of couples and what all they did for their loved ones and how did the relation of eternal love flourished.And what’s there to speak about parental love? It’s just natural and unconditional and irreplaceable and it worries me sometimes that parents who give such beautiful love to their children are not able to give the same love to their spouses, may be due to expectations and ego.

Over all, I just wanted to say that LOVE is a every where its just in different forms and perceived differently by different people.

The bottom line is LOVE runs this world  both directly and indirectly.

P.S. Many may argue saying that Money is a necessity and cannot be attributed to the title love for money but  money is needed for a happy and stable life which you love to have with your loved ones 🙂

kushal kaundinya

Wanna be director and a amateur writer

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