Prostitution as Profession

Sex, technically has a different definition, but when it comes to the minds of youngsters, the word is understood as Sex Reproduction which means the combining and mixing of genetic traits. Sex work is such a thing where the process happens on a regular basis in Brothels. Sex Workers are also called as Prostitutes, who work and earn by providing sexual services to another person in return of payment. Person who receives the services is known by a multitude terms. Prostitution is one of the branches in the Sex Industry. The legal status of prostitution varies from country to country. In a country like India it is a punishable crime. Prostitution is somehow referred to as “the oldest profession”.
On a note of small scale research, I happened to meet two Prostitutes in the city; both of them have different life stories and preferences which were never considered. One says- “I have come into prostitution at the age of 16 which is pretty much young, I entered the sex industry on my wish, as I had no other choices because I ran away from the house and was finding the livelihood very difficult, one day I met a Lady who said she will take care of me in all the ways and explained about the work I have to go on with, I found its helpful to me, so I went along with her and got some experience. Since then I had a life with everything but still nothing, I realized things little later and couldn’t help myself”.
The other lady says- “I was forced into prostitution by my parents at the age of 14, I was injected things which made me an Adult biologically before time, I had a horrible past which is inexpressible and unimaginable. I just had to bear that, the fact is local politicians and local policemen were the regular customers. In the course of time I have been to too many areas and the situation was same all over. I never had hope or belief in people, one man who was my continuous customer 5 years ago promised me a better livelihood but after a year, I never saw him again”.
The government itself is involved in such nonsocial activities; the law makers have many loopholes in the system of Judiciary. Though the so called “Powerful People” know the locations and areas; nothing will be done to eradicate such evils. In majority of the cases these Brothels are run by local “ghundas or dadhas” with the support of so called elite groups. Though there are many NGOs working for such issues, the role played by the government is very minimal and there is a serious need for the people to take up these issues using all possible means available and relieve the suppressed.
Accepting these people is the most crucial part. A 28 year old man married a woman who was forcibly pushed into prostitution, says News Report. It need not necessarily be marriage but then accepting them as Humans and the employment opportunities by Government will lead to a better tomorrow.

Raygalla Kalyan Srinivas

I believe in proper existence and have my own ideology of leading life. I wish I was not told what is good and bad, I would have got a complete different way of approach and understanding of things. I feel that when there is Quality Education, the

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