Axe the Tax

only people came with taxes. Outside facebook world, it already is a
little taxing to write on people’s walls, without stalking them first.
No picture scroll to sum up all the parties, wardrobe, and attended
vacations. No “About Me” with smashing punch words. No
rolling-on-the-floor-laughing “Quotes” and certainly no “Like” button.
Not one we can use publicly anyway.

the real world, the high-priced braggers come with a value added tax,
which of course no one likes to pay. Then there’s octroi for those from
metropolitan cities zooming through life as fast as possible. Duty-free
may be limited at airports because international arrivals often have the
highest import tax.

there isn’t a bar-code to actually scan the value of a person, most
people craft their own price tags and carry it around, hanging onto
their iphones. It’s hard to tell the duplicates from the original. These
days you are determined by how many Apple products you own, where you
gym, what shopping bags you throw away and what the background is on
your profile picture.

If only there was a CAPTCHA verification for each individual!

Jasleen Kaur

Besides the two words of my name, the other two words that define me are writing and photography. I adore them both! For everything else, all it takes is one conversation. Take the tour! :)

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