Reading!! an effective Stress Buster

WE belong to a generation that tweets, posts and comments. We are always busy and occupied with something very important that can’t be explained if asked.

So, who cares to stay fixed at a place and go through a plethora of pages when infotainment is just a click away?

Well, there might be plenty of options readily available to entertain us but there are none that could beat the feeling of serenity lying back lazily on that cosy chair at the veranda ,sipping coffee and flipping the pages of a novel. It’s a treat if a soft melody is playing at the background.

Just let yourself loose and see how page by page,sentence by sentence and word by word the characters startle your mind. You won’t even realize and a new journey starts offshore from the regular sailing of life.

An experience of similar sort struck my mind when I first laid my eyes on the pages of “If it’s not forever it’s not love”, a fiction by Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Singh.

This was my first read of Durjoy’s novel and I really enjoyed the entire book picturing all the characters in the silver screen of my imagination. The story opens with a bomb blast at the heart of Delhi and changes the life of Deb forever. Further, he discovers a diary on the accident spot and that’s how the entire journey for the quest of finding the owner of the “Burnt Diary” begins. Half way on the book,new characters are introduced and Deb’s girfriend Avantika and his best buddy Shrey join the quest too. New secrets are unfolded and a completely twisted but interesting ending to the story was quite fascinating to read.

It was after reading this novel I started searching for more books written by the author duo and surprisingly I found quite a surplus amount scattered all over the online stores. But neverthelss in my opinion, this book stands tall amongst their entire set of work till date.

Of course there are plenty of new authors sprouting every now and then but creating a niche in the heart of the readers are commended by only a selected few. And may be Durjoy and Nikita haven’t yet been able to scale the height to the likes of a nation that reads “Bhagat” and looks for his reflection in every individual’s work (No offence, I am a Chetan Bhagat fan too). But their works are definitely appreciable and display great promise offering something new in the days ahead.

I know, there already are a bunch of authors and books that reflect similar aspect and vision. So, in that context all I can say is one man’s meat may be another man’s poison. Since I had my chance to go through these author’s work , I must say I’ve got a hang of the catchy lines and plots they use in their books (May be because I relate to few of the incidents mentioned in them).

The point I am trying to emphasize here is why not welcome a change, why not try out new flavour and add spice to an old dish? Why have the regular menu and not “Aloo Parathaa” one day and “Makai Di Roti” the next? After all flavor is always good in all aspects of life and urges our mind asking for more. There’s a band wagon of books written by our very own native INDIAN authors waiting to reveal it’s magic. Who knows a quick run through the pages might ignite an idea and give birth to a new author tomorrow?

This very moment the lines of Cheng Yi, a chinese Philosopher is striking my mind : “There are readers and readers. Some read the Analects and feel that nothing has happened, some are pleased with one or two lines in it, and some begin to wave their hands and dance on their legs unconsciously”

Darshan Blon

I am a keen learner and observer of things.I love travelling and listening music.Learning languages is my passion.

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