Life under a magnifying glass

Its very much evident these days that life is under a magnifying glass. everything that is said and done is seen through with so much intensity that you have nothing much to say. I mean at the end of the day, do we deserve to be this way?  

I am not going to be philosophical and start preaching life! I think everyone in life has got their own issues and worries, that they ponder upon. But what I feel is that people need to break away from being so focussed towards these small issues. Who doesn’t have problems? Everyone does! Everyone talks about how big their problem is and try to discuss them all the time trying to find  a solution. 

But, have you ever tried to let go and just move on thinking that every problem will be resolved eventually as time passes by. why is it that people get paranoid and start discussing their problems and issues with others? Just because you get a solution to it? Well you may at times receive some advice or the other that may or may not resolve the issue [because its you who need to take that suggestion that is given to you]but, have you realised that you are creating an option for gossip to? I mean by the time one person speaks about your problem, things get added on, the issue gets diverted and this person hearing about your problem from a third person starts to mis interpret and ends up with a totally new perspective of your problem! 

Tell me, have you met the perfect person, a perfect couple who lead a perfect life with their perfect kids and the best house imaginable and having a perfect job? Have you ever met them? I don’t think there will be anyone who is just perfect. Your life is spent in achieving or trying to be perfect but you can’t be perfect in every way.  For whatever reason, too many of us strive for this perfection and always think about how they wanted to do and what they wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong… there is nothing wrong with striving to achieve the best, but in this process of trying to be the best, there will be a lot of ups and downs and you must be ready to face them yourself! 

I will give you a perfect example, we all have crushes, been into relationships etc. Some may have been successful and some may have broken up. I am sure every person who broke up with their ex, would have got drunk, smoked, tried drugs etc. The person would have spoken to all his friends about the break up, thanks to the fantastic social media, there would be a status update and not surprisingly a 100 likes soon after! As time passes by, you met the right person, fall in love get married and have kids. And when you think about those good old days, m sure we all laugh upon on how childish and immature we were in handling our break up issues. In this case, who resolved your issues and problems? your relatives? your friends? your colleagues? NO.. it was you and TIME! 

Another example is about all those status messages that you put on Facebook and other social media sites. Have you ever thought before posting it as to what is it that you are going achieve by saying that? You may argue that your just expressing what your mind feels as its a platform to voice your opinions. However, by putting up unwanted status messages, all your inviting is people to know and speak about you! Most of the cases, it also gives a scope for misinterpretation. 

There might be many other reasons where people [friends, family etc] may have resolved a lot a issues and played an important role in resolving them, but all I am saying is that resolution will happen anyway! 

I am not saying that you should not care about other people, care but in a detached way – we live in a co de-pendant society where it is easier to focus on other peoples lives than their own because when we are looking at their lives we dont have to look at what we are feeling right now or what we need to be doing. Every time you are doing this, bring yourself back to you and just think, why am i reacting, what am i learning or getting out of the situation. Take things as they come, your life should not be under a magnifying glass for others. You take the glass instead and look at yourself through the glass and start building your owns self. Project what is best in you and for whats not best, deal with it when you are alone. 

Every day you grow old and with age comes responsibility and with responsibility comes power and with power comes control!!

Ratnakar Ari

I am an average guy with an average life and an average status…but I have my beliefs…I have my ideals…I have my morals…and I have my dreams… Some people love to live, some love to die…The world is an oyster… Life is pain, get over it…

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