Reviewing the Book “Looking For Alaska”


If you were to ask me out of the blue about how I liked this debut novel by John Green, that’s what I’ll probably say.

The basic synopsis involves the protagonist, Miles Halter, going to a boarding in search of The Great Perhaps. What follows is him being introduced to the other characters that are his roommate Chip or the Commander, Takumi and of course Alaska. The plot brews over the unusual amalgam of pranks, deep conversations over cigarettes and  Miles‘ ever growing feelings for Alaska.  

As hard as it is to not drop spoilers, I’m just gonna say the story line was perfectly paced. Its like reaching the acme of something delightful and all of a sudden Mr. Green decides to hit his fellow readers with a battering ram and the after effect is benumbing enough to leave you oblivious of the time as your fingers briskly flip through the pages.

For me however, the experience was a tad bit unprecedented. I actually decided to read this apparently amazing book quite recently and much to my exasperation the spoilers were inevitable. Nevertheless I still decided to make the read knowing how its gonna end.

What left me confounded was that even after being aware of the impending plot twist, I was downright overwhelmed. Yes I was. The way its written, the twist, the reactions, the character development throughout the story, everything is impeccably written.