Rise Again

I’m climbing this hill once more,

Oh! I still have so long to go,

The road seems to get longer every time,

The end, ever elusive, never to be mine?

Stumbling upon a rock, I fall

The world comes crumbling down, I crawl.

Giving up now seems so easy,

An exquisite torture, a painful ecstasy.

Too exhausted, too spent. Oblivion beckons me,

But did I come all this way to now admit defeat?

Did I panic, did I scream?

Did I trudge on, holding on to that dream,

Only to surrender, only to succumb?

And to give in to the delirium?

Through a haze of misery I now see a light,

Shimmering and sparkling, oh! So bright!

With renewed determination, I rise,

Once again up the hill I climb

I fall again, rise once more,

Willing to give up? Nevermore!

Beating all the odds, I walk on

Mind over matter, the fatigue is gone.

At last I reach the peak and stand at the top,

Gazing at the view below, my heart just stops

And at long last it occurs to me,

Better late than never, you see

That surely the beauty I now behold,

The glory and grandeur of my newfound world,

Is the sweet nectar I sought,

The reward for which I fought,

The reason why I held on,

And trudged on, singing a song.

So, the next time I find myself on a hill,

I’ll walk on, maybe by sheer force of will.

Because I now know that mystical secret,

That it’s the glory at the end which makes it all worth it.

So I may stumble, I may fall,

But I will rise again despite it all.

Kaveri Sharma

I am a student currently pursuing engineering. Reading is my passion, writing more than just my hobby. On any given day I'd rather be at home, curled up with a thriller novel than out partying. Yours truly :)

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