We are not far

Years after we met,

 Many things were there to share, spare and understand.

As it happened 4 years ago,

It’s still so smooth, whipped and in flow.

Contretemps were not easy to sort out,

But our best groomed up just like a little sprout.

Months it took again to flush the crap,

Included our past and present rounded in a strap.

From beginning it again started,

As always without him I was inevitably fainthearted.

Talking terms between us increased eventually,

I already had him in me eternally.

Apprehending each other at every step and every end,

It’s just above every give and take or borrows and lend.

We never had a definition of our relation,

Is it so important to put a stamp or identification?

The easiest part was falling for you,

The hardest part is being away from you.

 Wisdom and patience will soon walk hand in hand

 It would be incomplete without you and your vocal band.

It’s no more just about you and me

The matter of commitment and holding on,

I promise will ever stay WE.

Distance is just to see how far our love can travel,

Miles can’t separate us

Oh my beloved, our pain will soon get unravel.

Every thought in my mind is having your scar,

Trust me my love we are not far.


writer, blogger, singer, active on Facebook. pursuing electronics and communications Eng. I believe- whatever you write can be destroyed but can never be unwritten.

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