The Ephemaral Gods of India

The Ephemeral Gods of India.

We Indians are famous for our uncountable Gods and Goddesses, but the craze doesn’t end there, we are also habitual of constantly making and destroying new Gods as if the old ones weren’t enough to adulate. The Greek word Ephemera means a ‘mayfly’, lasting only a day and in English ‘Ephemeral’ means something which is not long lasting, temporary just like mayfly. Being an Indian I have come across many such ‘Ephemeral Gods’ which we Indians have created and tossed aside the moment they didn’t answer our prayers. For instance, take Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, or better consider the not so old but forgotten hero Yuvraj Singh. We all remember him hitting those six sixes in an over and watching those fireworks from his bat over and over again on Youtube.  Not much time has passed but the hero of the first T20 world cup is looking for a new job. Who cares if the poor lad fought cancer to return to the game, if he can’t hit those sixes , he is useless.

 The main reason behind this thinking is the fickle mindedness of Indian masses and the role of a senseless media running around with their more senseless stories. The media can make or destroy the image of anyone. When the news channels pick a target to praise or adulate they are bestowed upon with titles like ‘King’ or ‘God’, which sets deep into the mindset of the idle Indian mob, most of which is intellectually very backward, but it is no fault of the people because the media does not know what to show and what to avoid. They have long last the judgement of how long to follow which story and when to let go and drop an irrelevant one. On the other hand when the media picks a target to slander and criticize they cross limits in that direction.

I am no enemy of the media neither of the much lesser thoughtful public of my nation, I am just an observer who has seen a few things which do not fit in the scene. I would praise the media for bringing down so many people who deserved to be toppled from their high pedestals. What troubles me is the attitude of the paparazzi, their lack of research and their not so well supported arguments. Earlier media people uncovered stories by doing legwork and finding substantial proof to their accusations or adulations, but now it has turned to hearsay and borrowed headlines. Everybody cares about profits, the truth can be piled deep below those bundles of notes and no one will ever discover it.

Why don’t we treat a person like he should be treated instead of raising him to the status of Gods and blindly adulating him? Let us just call Narendra Modi plainly our Prime Minister and not ‘Sartaaj’ or ‘Shahenshaah’. Recently I read on a website that some states wanted to introduce books and lessons on Modi in school curriculum. I think our  younger  generation needs to read about people who have proved themselves in far more better ways than Modi. Though I would praise Modi for all he has done, and thankfully he also called up and ask those people to drop the idea of writing school curriculum books on him. This is the kind of fan following I want to attack. We must raise a person slowly towards top, by giving or taking all the respect and admiration in a moment , we damage our own judgement as well as the sentiment of the person.

I want to request to anyone who is reading this to be informed and not just by watching some news channels. With a tool like Internet on your fingertips one can research a person or an organisation by oneself. I would rather go and look for proof myself than let anyone else manipulate it for me. us turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the news which does not care to find the truth or even try to look for it. Who needs the news people , why don’t we just go and look for the truth by ourselves ?

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