My Roommates

Laughing reprehensibly on a witless joke,
Heavy breathing was about to give us a choke.
Tears in eyes reflected our joy,
If my childhood met them,
Would have never asked for any toy.
I stopped for a moment,
And stared at my laughing Buddha’s,
Cheering my happiness, thrusting sorrows to pass.
My hostel family comprises of these three,
Sharing every major-minor reason of glee.
Head of our family,
Paterfamilias is what we call,
Spine of my body, wisdom’s landlady,
 Foresight’s eye, brilliantly above us all.
Divine is the word which defines her out,
Heart of my anatomy,
Ethical and ethnic is all she about.
Whispering on cell with suitable frequency band,
Love, care and naughtiness in her walk hand in hand.
Swag is not enough to expound her,
My living corpse’s brain,
Being pragmatic is what she prefer.
Throws sadness, tears and tension out like weed,
Coolness, anger, love is all she bleed.
HE forgot to give me package of enamored, idolatrous  sister,
Roommates they are mine,
Things will get lonely without them and shattered.
Love is all about singing loud to tease you all,
107 is nothing more than a messy, noisy, cuddly music hall.


writer, blogger, singer, active on Facebook. pursuing electronics and communications Eng. I believe- whatever you write can be destroyed but can never be unwritten.

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