Delhi:The world’s most polluted city

Pollution is regarded as one of the biggest problems which the modern world is facing. In India, the problem of rising levels of pollution is not at all new or surprising. But, it is extremely surprising to know that Delhi, the national capital of India has earned the tag of being the world’s most polluted city. India went down 32 places to 155th rank out of the world’s 178 countries. In a survey conducted by the US based Yale University, India is one of the World’s most polluted countries, the survey was conducted earlier this month and showed that one of the fastest growing economies of the world is an absolute disaster when it comes to protecting the environment.

The rising levels of pollution in Delhi can be extremely hazardous and pose a major threat to the health of its citizens. The increasing number of vehicles on the roads has also played a spoilsport. The increasing number of vehicles release carbon when petrol is combusted. These carbon compounds have played a major role in hiking the pollution levels. Delhi has surpassed Beijing, Chinese capital to become the world’s most polluted city followed by Cairo in Egypt, Santiago in Chile and the Mexico City in Mexico. The pollution is caused by high vehicle density and the rising emissions from the factories. These factors are believed to be the biggest reason behind the dense smog that has been engulfing the chilly winter months over the past decade.

Strict actions and proper implementation of pollution control policies is the need of the hour. The rising pollution levels and the consequences of it have been largely ignored by the authorities. 2 people in every 5 suffer from a respiratory disease in Delhi. According to a survey, pollution is regarded as the sixth biggest killer in India. The authorities need to take immediate action so that the situation can be controlled. But presently it can be said that Delhi is “breathing poison”.

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