Self-abnegating Star

Self-abnegating Star: A Good Samaritan

Few years back Mr. Narayanan Krishnan was a big cheese with a well – paid job in Switzerland which is known as ‘The Playground of Europe’. He would have probably bid adieu to our country after having a luxurious international career but there was one turning point in his life which has led to totally different outcome.

Now let us dive in to the reality to witness one such Samaritan in our country MR. Narayanan Krishnan.  He is a Good Samaritan indeed. This planet has seen many legends, noble hearts & great leaders who have sacrificed their time and efforts for the prosperity of our country. But what makes Mr. Narayanan Krishnan as a Good Samaritan arouses a question in our mind. Many of us would have known him as one of the Top 10 CNN heroes 2010. It’s unfortunate that major part of our folks has failed to look back the scenario which made our Indian chef turned social worker.

Mr. Narayan Krishnan was one of the vibrant, successful chefs working with a five-star hotel group. He was also shortlisted for a lucrative career for an elite job at Switzerland.  Krishnan’s hometown was Madurai, the famous temple city in small town of Tamilnadu, the southernmost India which is famous for idly & sambar. Before leaving to Switzerland he paid a quick visit to his hometown. That day was a turning point in Narayan Krishnan’s life.

He saw an elderly man eating his own human waste.  He was taken aback and was moved by this sight. He immediately bought 10 idlis from a nearby hotel and started to feed the destitute old man lying on the road with his own hands. This incident created a huge impact on him. Next day, he left his elite job & started to feed people who are mentally ill destitute. He also cuts their hair, and provides food daily. Every day he prepares meals helped out by a few volunteers & sets out to feed the people in his van. Initial days were crucial for him as the debts raised, but many noble hearts came forward and donated money for his cause. Mr. Krishnan had no regrets in leaving his elite job which could have fetched him an attractive salary with a top-notch hotel in the beautiful snow laden Switzerland. He never let his spirit to help others dwindled within him.

His fiery passion led to the opening of a Non-profit organization ‘Akshaya’ (Derived from Sanskrit meaning Imperishable). Mr. Narayan says that love for humanity & empathy towards another person in our society must not be perished within us. Today this trust is registered with USA. Now many people have joined hands in this cause. This noble gesture of Mr. Narayan Krishnan has awarded him as CNN hero of the Year.

The defining moment in Krishnan’s life has created a revolution in our country. The stark sight he saw has led to the rehabilitation of many destitute & it’s concrete that he has touched many lives and created a difference in them.Mr. Narayan Krishnan d not start this initiative with a profit maximization venture nor to reach fame. This simple man has today created a change witidhin many lives across our nation. A great salute for his deed!

In today’s competitive world, huddled in this concrete jungle most of us are behind fame, riches & monetary gain. It’s heart breaking to know that people has lost the spirit to help others with compassion. We have to accept the fact that this modern era has not only revolutionized our thoughts but also our inner virtue too. We are glued up to self-improvement & attaining success in our life but we forgot to help our fellow beings who are part of our life on this earth. It’s quite easy to get so wrapped up in our own life that we forget about compassion. The need of the hour is ‘EMPATHY’ & not ‘SYMPATHY’.

When most people think of giving back to society, they immediately think to donate money (or) any monetary contribution. Though money is essential to our life, there are several ways through which we can give back to society & be helpful to others. The small things we do to our society will inspire many and this will lead to a great movement similar to the one that occurred in Mr. Narayan Krishnan’s life. In today’s scenario it is exorbitant to do everything but it is significant that we must give back some to the community.

Few months back, when I was walking down the streets on the busy MG Road of Bangalore, I saw a 5 year old child begging to the passers-by. When this poor girl approached a stout gentleman who was in rush to catch the BMTC bus, he pushed away the child in anger & stamped her mercilessly. This sight was shocking to all the people there. None of us including me were scared to save the child from the stout guy’s feet. Then the man left and the child crossed the other side of the road with tears. I could not sleep that night. I felt ashamed in not helping the poor girl on the roadside.

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

 As Ralph Waldo Emerson as rightly quoted, our duty in our life is to make a difference at least in one person in our society. I made an oath to help others and to create a difference at least in one’s life before my doom’s day.


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