Dear J.K.R.

Dear J.K.R.

The last movie came out last year, and it hit me quite hard, the fact that there would never be anything “HARRY POTTER” again, well, apart from Pottermore , the buzz around which made me nostalgic, and resulted in me writing this.

I still remember the day I picked up the first book. It has been ten years since and I don’t think I’ll ever be done reading.

You see, I grew up with Harry and his friends. I used to dream of what it would be like to go Hogwarts. I used to pick up random twigs and twirl them around to see if something would happen because the  ‘wand chooses the wizard’. Harry Potter was one of the cementing factors in my friendship with my friends. We used to play Harry Potter games for months on end at lunch-times in school. I can never forget going to buy the books on the first day at 6 a.m., before the bookstore even opened. We used to discuss the plot obsessively and which poster of Harry’s to put up in our rooms, equally obsessively. We used to randomly quiz each other on obscure facts like Lockhart’s favourite colour and the ghost of Hufflepuff and Dumbledore’s full name and answereverything. I remember reading the books even during my tenth board prep holidays and my Dad asking me if I was writing a special exam on Harry Potter, and brightening up at the thought. Yes, I was that obsessed.

Then, the movies. Sure, I was disappointed with a few, outraged at a few, but it was Harry Potter after all, so I watched everything. I still haven’t watched the last part. I’m savouring the very last Harry Potter thing that I can do for the first time again. This is not just the end of the Harry Potter movies or Pottermania as we know it. This is the end of my childhood. Thank you J.K.R. for one of the best constants in my life. For Harry, for Hermione, for Ron, for Fred and George and the whole wonderful fantastic world of Harry Potter. Thanks for letting this muggle in.

And no, I haven’t watched the movie still, because then, the world as we know it, wouldn’t be the same anymore, would it?

Sadhana Chaturvedula

I read a lot, and write a bit. Journalism, publishing, consumer tech, The Guide and signing up on social networks which I then proceed to never use are some of my passions.

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