Are you sure you are fit?

Fitness is often associated with a human being’s strength, either physically or mentally. Physical fitness often means the physique of a body. People are under the impression that being fit means having packs of muscles in your tummy, stone shaped lumps in your arms and hard rock like structure covering your heart and lungs. Yes this is the epitome of fitness but how healthy is the body? We must not forget that how much ever we protect our hearts and lungs with hard muscles and strong ribcage it can also deteriorate from the inside. The same goes for every other organ and part of the human body, including the brain.

Mental fitness is also an important aspect for a healthy living. There are misconceptions that physical and mental healthiness are totally different branches of fitness. But it is not so. We fail to observe this peculiar operation of a living soul. One cannot function without the other.

I have seen articles on how to maintain a physically fit body and also read a lot on how calmness of mind helps having a fit body but none relating how each thrive without the other. Recent studies have shown that emotions which are supposedly assumed not physical can be chemically generated by exiting a particular part of the brain. This concept was brilliantly portrait in the TV show House MD where the legendary doctor Gregory House conducts diagnosis for disease on a patient with the details of hallucinations he got. It showed the spectacular relation of the mind and body which got me pondering about the irony of fitness how much ever unique physical and mental fitness maybe they are inter related. One may have a very fit body with strong muscles but it is all a waste of effort if he is not right mentally.  Mental healthiness is not necessarily related to sanity level of a person. Doctor Sheldon Cooper is possibly the smartest man in the planet whose IQ level is on challenging level with the great Stephen hawking himself. He has the most organized life and takes utmost care in maintaining the healthiest body in a unique way. He goes to unimaginable heights even analysing bowel movements to keep his body fit but one thing he lacks is mental maturity. He is one of the most emotionless creatures ever and this is a sign for a week mental fitness. He cannot handle change; which is inevitable and goes into a kind of depression if he encounters change.

You need to be physically fit to handle a mental breakdown or illness and also you need to be mentally strong to maintain physical fitness. My role model for a perfect fitness is Mr. Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Scarecrow broke his mind; ra’s al broke his senses; The Joker broke his spirit; Harvey Dent broke his hope; Bane broke his body and Miranda Tate broke his heart. But still he kept coming back and broke them all and that is why he is the perfect human being. It doesn’t matter if he is imaginary. After all, that is what fictions are for, to provide motivation.

Keep calm, Stay Strong, Live On.



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