a sweet phase of love

Turning to the phase in life of a girl

When cheeks turn red and eyes go pearl

The day each girl waits for

When eyes search someone far and far

Sensations increase, emotions magnify

And all world complexities, little heart justify

Even I waited for such a day

Oh! So soon it came and turned my fate

All bad days and memories

Hurting, sadness, depression got lost in stories

I didn’t realize how my love

Became a romantic movie

Like all it had a hero and heroine

What shall I say about villains?

They were reason of over population: P

Strange, how a girl struggle

All emotions warehoused in her heart like trees in a jungle

All girls think, but mine is indeed special

Its rhyme, oh hear!! Is so musical….

My love is my life, my beauty and pride

I wish to tell you my love

“In painting of my heart

You are a beautiful view”


agrima agarwal

the more you think you know me,, the lesser you learn me

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