Void Ado

Time takes facials ,

From the Deep Dark Night

Oh…; the crazy face for me ,

I borrowed Crackers Conflicts.

I washed my face

With red wine   from the rising sun

Tried to lend peace

From the root of Holy cross;

The love begins there-The Cross.

The    mirror of love and   peace

If His trace of blood

Would wash  my heart and mind,

The  divine  blood  can  define  me

The  real man;

Despite, I  go along the  Cross way,

With  Quran  and  Bhagavat  Geetha

At   both hands:

Sure and certain; where,  I  be

The Lord Christ sat in between both;

I see.

Written by : Shanmukhan Thattadhath.


shanmukhan Thattadath

Freelance artist

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