Switch to Green Tea

Each one of us wakes up in the morning to have a cup of tea. It feels refreshing to start our day with tea. Some drink tea throughout the day since it keeps their energy going. Some carry flasks to office. Some carry tea bags, some carry refills. Almost everyone lives on tea. But everyone fails to realize it has its set of cons. There are a lot of ill effects of consuming tea. Most people who take in four-five cups of tea suffer from osteofluorosis and increased toxicity in the body. Premenstrual syndrome is most common amongst women while the long term effects could be as worse as inducing Alzheimer’s. Are we ready to face all these harms just for the sake of taste or refreshment? After all it’s just another beverage. So what could be the best replacement to tea that is healthy and doesn’t empty our pockets? Well adding a prefix green to it says it all. Switch to Green Tea.

You must have observed dieticians, gym trainers and nutritionists advising the intake of green tea. More than being served as a classy beverage at most restaurants and accompanied with Chinese meals, it is also a health conducive drink. You can find various tea brands coming up with their own sub brand for green tea. This is not only because the demand for it is increasing in the market, it is mainly because people are growing health conscious and what better way to start being fit from the basic diet change at home. To add to that it is not that expensive either. Apart from health, it also helps weight conscious people lose a few pounds. This is because it aids the rate of metabolism in your body and controls your appetite.

The other main reason for shifting to green tea is because it opposes the harms done to you by tea and creates an exact anonym for each of the adverse effects. It helps in avoiding tooth decay, it regulates the blood flow and hence prevents the accumulation of cholesterol and in the long term reduces the possibility of heart diseases. Another major disease that can be prevented is Diabetes. The regulation of glucose in the blood stream balances the level of insulin in the body. You can bid goodbye to Alzheimer’s too. Not just Alzheimer’s but Parkinson’s and Cancer too. Want to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid any blunders that will lead to deadly diseases. Here is the first and easiest step.

I don’t want the article to come across like a biology lecture or a page out one of the health magazines. So let’s add a touch of Vogue to it as well. All you beautiful girls and handsome guys out there, you would want to switch to green tea to maintain your beauty. Apart from just drinking green tea, you can use it as a moisturizer and as a cream to reduce eye puffs. The anti-oxidants present in green tea can make your skin glow and keep them away from allergies or pimples. It also inhibits hair fall and gives it a tinge of sheen.

Finally green tea keeps you happy. Studies conducted have determined that most people who have green tea stay away from stress, anxiety and depression. After all the best way to stay fit is to keep yourself away from worries and closer to happiness. So if you want to be healthy, wealthy, sexy and wise, switch to Green tea.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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