Something I need now to envelope myself,

And I become invisible to this world, erasing…

Fading, without a trace… Somewhere into the thin air,

Could be felt but never seen, becoming one with nature,

Which is eternal but changing and transmuting…one into another,

And another into one another, the cycle continues…

But the quest to remain in some form or the other survives,

In every breath you take, it brings me back…

Your mirth makes me shower from the firmament,

And I, dangling hang onto the grass blades gleaming,

I land on the ground making my presence felt by a damp spot,

Which spreads for a while darkening….trying to take in everything,

But slurped by the sun I vanish again into the thin air,

Determined to come back I go… to return in another form.


I love reading, writing, painting and observing the surroundings.

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