Take me Home

Mom ! I never wanted to wear a tie,
But now i need one in order to not die.
You could not hear my single sigh,
But look,they’re shooting me right in the eye!

You said you ll be big if you go to school,
But why are these big people ,the most cruel?
You said I look cutest when i wear Red
But why are all wearing the same,lying dead?

You taught me its a sin to cheat and lie
Trust me i didn’t do so ,I don’t want to die !
I told you I’ll be a doctor or an army man,
I wish i had the chance to do what i can .

You rushed behind me to give me tiffin,
Now all are rushing behind with the coffin .
Please take me home before my turn comes,
They’re coming towards me with huge guns !

I tried to run,i tried to hide
But they had a wider eye.
I cried so bad,It’s all so sad
Please come mom,Please come dad !

And there they come to shoot my head,
I feel so numb,All i see is Red !
Mom,I love you and want you bad
Dad,I’m dying , I’ll miss you bad !

I’m lying here with all my friends
But none moves,no cuff in hands
Take me home, and never send me out
I want to play,behind those clouds~

Rupali Narula

Rupali Narula , currently pursuing Btech Civil from Punjabi University,Patiala.I have a different interest in reading and writing..i have good comm skills and also doing ba english honors ,correspondence. and started to learn french.i write poems n a

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