My all time Music Ally:

Music is my favorite ally in times of merriment, sadness, ceremony or pain. Listening to a song whose lyrics are etched on your memory make you experience tranquility, you swindle into a world of peace, you imagine yourself dancing to the tunes on a meadow, you begin to sing and hum like the song belongs to you. That is the power of music. It takes control over your mind and only for the good. But what good is music without a great music player. With the advent of new technologies and inception of the digital revolution, no one wants to download songs on their device, everyone wants to stream it in real time. And there are many pros to this song buffering act since you get to choose from a myriad of genres, albums and artists and play any that you like irrespective of whether the song rests on your system. Moreover it caters to your mood. You feel like listening to an old SRK love song and just switch to the internet and get plugged in to your song right away.

One such live audio streamer is It has given a completely new meaning to music. It has created a paradigm for any music lover to enjoy. It provides an agglomeration of various songs in all languages varying from Hindi, English, Marathi and other conventional languages to Kannada, Bengali, and Tamil too. Any person across the world can access a song at the same time. Just a good internet connection and you are good to go. Initially, apart from my system, there was no other platform I could listen to songs from multiple languages at the same time. Most engines maintain either only English or only Hindi songs. This feature just acts like a cherry on the cake. Speaking of transforming music for the audience, it provides a Song Map that helps you see people all over the world listening to respective songs. It lets you connect with people who have the same taste as you in music. Isn’t this just great? You don’t need to go to a lounge/pub to know who shares a similar playlist as yours.

This website is a true representation of music. The music pervasively appears in all its categories. If I am in the mood to update myself with latest songs, I can just choose New Releases, Weekly top 15 or Song of the Day. If not I can create my own custom playlist and save it for future purposes. Adding songs to a queue is just a click away. For the people who are not so keen on spending a few minutes creating their own playlist can always switch to the Radio or Surprise me sections. It plays across a series of a randomly generated queue. Who needs a traditional radio now when you can play a genre of music through a radio. Yes you heard it right. The Saavn radio classifies its radio channels based on various moods, decades, famous artists and so on.

A platform that provides me all the music I ever needed, a social networking music portal, a radio station with several channels and an embedded custom player all in real time: that’s Saavn for you. If you love music and haven’t tried this website yet, go check it out right now. And if logging into your laptop is too tedious you could always download the mobile app. In today’s world nothing can function without technology and I must say the new world music has accepted Saavn as its full time accomplice.

Damini Naidu

technology enthusiast, trained bharatnatyam dancer, past-time philosophical writer, movie buff

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