So, we girls want more for less and we want fabulous stuff! While the occasional end of season sales quenches ours thirst a little, what do we do the rest of the year? How do we feel satiated and satisfy the shop-a- holic that resides in all of us?
Well if you live in Mumbai, here’s a quick guide to where to shop, how to shop and how to get more (lots actually) for very less!
Mumbai is famous for street shopping, I have seen girls coming to Mumbai, just to shop and speaking as an experienced shopper, its so worth it.


Other than the infamous Leopold cafe, one thing that this causeway is famous for are the bustling shops full of dazzle! Why dazzle; you might ask, its because it is the ultimate place to shop for accessories. Shoes, belts, bags, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a lot more! this place sells it all! You just need to know how to buy it! Whatever price the shopkeepers quote¬†you can always bargain for less! One rule u should blindly follow is to start you’re bargaining with one third of what the shopkeeper says and slowly make your way up to the amount you want to pay for it.
if you want a pair of sexy heels or stylish flats and are short on cash, fear not child, because hill road and station road are your answers. Wedges, peep-toes, pumps, pencil heels, block heels, kolhapuris, jootis, keds, sneakers, name it and its here and that too the latest trends. Follow the same bargaining trick and you have yourself a pair or maybe Pairs of awesome footwear!
Want clothes? Cheap clothes? Clothes that last long? Clothes for college? For parties? This is the place to be.Buy cute t-shirts and shorts for a picnic, a cute summer dress because we look cute in them, a pretty lacy top or palazzos which seems to be THE thing to have this season, these shopkeepers are always willing to oblige. All you have to do is select what you want!

The world (read Mumbai) is your oyester when it comes to shopping, so make sure you make the most of it!

sonakshi biswas

I m pursuing my managment degree from NM college. I love to write, click pictures and listen to music. I am huge movie buff and I love English soap operas and sit coms!

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