The First Step to Corporate World

Big dreams! Big ambitions! These are a part and parcel of a regular college student life, so were mine. Getting over with college and awaiting my arrival into the new corporate world was exhilarating. I still remember the very first day I set my foot into the mesmerizing world of Infosys, Mysore DC.  Lush green campus, soothing weather, ultra-clean pathways, alluring buildings, a bird’s eye-view was enough to fall in love with the place and make you look forward to the journey there with even more enthusiasm.

A quick tour to campus gives to idea of the various buildings all architecturally unique – a globe shaped multiplex, another one inspired by the art of origami, a colossal structure that was to become our hub for training- the Narayana Murthy Centre of Excellence, recreational center, various food courts and our hostel blocks. First few days goes in remembering the routes, names of the buildings, enjoying the wide range of facilities provided  and getting accustomed to the do’s and don’ts of the campus.  Then the roller coaster ride finally begins; you become the juggle master of your own show!

Hectic training schedules, studies, exams, fun, games, activities, friends, gossips, movies and masti!!.. You become a center of buzzing activity. The secret mantra to successfully sustain is to master time management. That’s exactly what is necessary in your personal life in the future. Proper planning and time management will get to past even during the toughest seas!

Life at Mysore was not only learning the training modules but it taught me many more important things which will help in the future. I learnt to be independent, to handle success and failures humbly, to be compassionate with others around me, to make new friends and get to know people from across the country and appreciate the diversity. I learnt to art of management and the need to be considerate to your surroundings.

Fun wasn’t just being restricted to the campus. Outside the gates, Mysore city showcases a rich heritage of culture and history. Places around Mysore are worth visiting like Coorg, Ooty, Belur etc. They not only give insight into the history but also provide a great relief from the busy schedules. Transport facilities inside the campus helped us plan such outings. Every weekend was awaited for a new adventure to unfold.

My experience and fond memories of the place makes me go on and on. But the actually fun lies in discovering it in person! Nothing is akin to actually being a part of it.

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