You are supposed to be humane

How many of you love dogs?
How many of you love penguins?
How many of you love cats?
It is more probable that we are in love with any of them than with Homo sapiens. Yes, human beings. Our own race. Ourselves. Right, this is not a gay/lesbian rights type of article.
One of the rudimentary aspects of advancement of human civilization on this planet is, to fall in love with the humane aspects, over and over again. One such primal aspect of our humane and a cribbing cogent evidence that we are human beings, is the way we communicate with each other.
How many of us can say a good ‘Hi’ to an acquaintance without any discomfort? I don’t know if you have observed this or not, at least 90% people among us are uncommunicative. I am not talking about people who think it is a very good way to attract people to think of you. They don’t fall under the title we are discussing. Many of us lost invaluable friends, girl-friends for reasons that are nuts, which have roots in communication ways.
I think that our obsession of using the pinnacle of human invention in communications segment, the internet, is weeding out the basic ways we are supposed to be communicating with each other.
We are more inclined to add an unknown friend who is gorgeous. We love to ‘poke’ them. In a real world, where there is air and Sunny Leone, we can’t even give a firm shake hand.
We love to post status messages that we love our mothers, fathers and sisters/brothers. That is a way to earn social mileage to many of us. I am not denying that as human beings, one of our deepest desires is to be appreciated. What my point is, there are better ways. For to the remaining herd, it is because they start feeling piss in their mouths.
Human beings are the most ill equipped of all the species. We cant run like a cheetah, can’t climb like a monkey, can’t fly like a bird. The only thing what we can do the best among all the living species is to communicate and come up. Communicate, using the organs we are gifted with, communicate with the indomitable spirit that makes us humane.
Most of our schools have banners during their admissions ‘Communication skills lab’ and crap like that. What we were never taught at school or college is an attitude to talk, communicate, know and grow better. Maybe the future schools during their admissions, distribute free sensors which senses a person\’s expression for children and stimulates the normal response they should be exhibiting.
If you ask me, it can never be taught. It is not hereditary like the cancers. It is only a product of a desire to be a human being, we lost considerably. Maybe one reason for that is the technology. It had been the escape for our discomfort to talk.
I am not being judgmental here, but it causes me nausea if I have to talk to a person who can’t connect. I feel paranoid. That is what we make most of our HRs feel during campus recruitment and that is one precise reason why few of us are denied a job. Even when we manage to get a job, we cant pull it longer. We can’t perform our jobs and duties on a long run. We become incapable nerds. May be we may not be able to seduce an opposite sex as well. Research found out that, this had been one important reason for a deviation from monogamy culture we have had. We are not sure of having it in the future. Okay, there are other reasons why we want to deviate as well 😉
We have developed automated communication systems and failed to communicate among ourselves. We have developed missile guided systems and misguided ourselves. We can have only one way out from here, TO TALK. TO LIVE MORE IN A REAL WORLD.
We are supposed to be human beings.

Youthopia Team

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