Why Present is called a Present?

Mahabharat was one of the biggest war India has ever witnessed and happened around 8th and 9th century BC. It was the inspiration for many spiritual works including the very famous “Geeta” which is the holy book of Hindus. When someone thinks of Mahabharat mostly they end up thinking how the sons of two brothers ends up fighting each other in a merciless war, in a pursuit of being righteous.

But Mahabharat is way more than that.

It contains so many principles and philosophies behind every aspect of it and different dimensions, decisions, thought process which led to ultimate war. Of which one is “Expectations”.

There was an incident in it where a princess’s blinding rage in not able to marry the prince of her choice and her broken expectations led to death of the indispensable warrior. She created her dreams, built her expectations on it and when it didn’t go according to it, she broke down and then it turned into extreme resentment against the warrior who was responsible.

What I want to imply is that, sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want and sometimes it doesn’t go according to your wish. So instead of holding on to the broken expectations which is already a past by now, why don’t we forget it and make a beautiful positive way for the future by enjoying present moments. Present moments lived fully and happily can pave way for much more happy future. By holding on to past memories, it is sure you will end up not only spoiling your present moments but also the foundation of your future.

Karthika Krishnakumar

I'm just a different type of girl who doesn't believe in going with the tide but going against it and trying to bring about a different perspective in people..

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