The promise

If I was a mistake for you, a regretful past

I hope you don’t make such a thing last

Wash the stain that I was, clear the filth in air

I hope you don’t even think of me, much less care!

And those memories, tears on my eyelashes

they must be merely blanks and dashes

those little things, the gifts, the wraps

they must be merely worn away scraps!

The proposal, the first hug and the first kiss

I hope, none of these you shall ever miss

and that smile when you saw me each time

I hope it never fades, always rings like a chime!

But what of those dreams that we shared?

all was within reach, but you never truly dared!

What things you imagined, I’d never really know

Maybe it was me but you promised you’d never let go!

md urooj abdullah

Employing the worth of the words to change the world...

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