Surrounded by lush greenery, birds chirping on the branches of trees and butterflies swaying to the rhythm of the wind. There will be something as scary as a snake crawling in your path, or something as magnificent as a colorful wild flower. An exhilarating and recreational outdoor activity that is now fast catching up with other adventure sports, TREKKING. Most of you may be aware of this term, but how many of you have really experienced it?

No, it isn’t too tiring! And NO! It definitely ain’t risky! Unless you decide to act silly and go exploring on your own. Set your own pace, choose your own destination; but when it comes to mapping out your own route, think twice! You may be able to read a compass, or the techno-savy GPS system, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be as capable to find your trail via a dense jungle. Most people usually prefer going hiking in groups, with organizations that offer packages and exotic destinations. One of the prominent trekking organizations in India is YHAI, Youth Hostel Association India.

A one day trek usually begins early in the morning, as you need to arrive at the destination (by car/bus), before you actually begin your trek. Unless you would like to go on a romantic beach trek on a full moon night (I’m not kidding! Such treks do exist)! Apart from these two types, there is the option of an over night trekking and multiple trekking (camping), which can vary.

For any trekking expedition, SHOES are a must! Unless you are a trained or a very experienced trekker, do not commit the mistake of wearing chappals! What do you need to carry? WATER is the most essential component! You need to carry enough supply to keep yourselves hydrated at regular intervals. The next important thing, some glucose or anything sweet, you wouldn’t want to faint now would you?

Followed by something to eat, if not lunch, then preferably some biscuits or fruits (please avoid chips and aerated drinks, they make you feel nauseous) Carry a hand towel, a mini first aid kid (remember your scouts motto be prepared”), a cap to protect your head from exploding under the sun and wear comfortable clothing (avoid jeans if possible, wear preferably track pants or 3/4ths!)

Imagine, you are walking through a jungle, red mud soiling your feet; your branded shoes, mosquitoes and flies singing in your ears. But you know that your destination is a gushing waterfall, where the water gives you an illusion of being in a milky white paradise! Do you really think all the former trivial little things wouldn’t matter when you know what’s waiting in store for you? Besides, you can easily get new shoes, but you cannot easily get the exhilarating experience that a good trek can give you! And as for the mosquitoes, remember the basic rule of trekking- simply ignore them and keep walking!

A one day trek can make all the difference in your routine life! It not only acts as a stress buster, giving you a welcome break from all the hectic schedules, but it also keeps you healthy and fit. Walking normally in a park or even jogging on a treadmill for that matter, will never really be able to compare to the satisfaction that trekking can give you. Even if you love being a work-a-holic and aren’t much of a nature lover, one trek surely won’t cause you any harm.

So, if you haven’t as yet, gone trekking, better late than never! 

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