Friday, 26 October 2012 was the witness to the introduction of windows 8 in the international market. Microsoft has made sure that the new operating system works on all forms – Desktop, Notebooks and even is designed in a way that will make people come together to use a common OS. Some major changes have been incorporated in this version to make it efficient with touch screens as well as mouse and keyboards.
  • LOGINĀ – The first change in itself connects people with Microsoft’s existing services. Instead of a regular user account, Windows Live ID feature has been given.
  • USER INTERFACE – Now, this is one of the most distinct change that makes you think more than once that you are actually working on a Windows Operating System. In 28 years of windows, Microsoft has introduced a new tile based user interface, also referred as the modern UI. The tiles shows up the apps and even the Control Panel is handled through this new interface.
  • TOUCH IS THE NEW TOOL – This OS is supposedly going to be more popular on tablets and therefore it would be interesting to work with gestures such as pinching in and out or scrolling
    through the apps with a swipe of a finger.
    • NO START BUTTON ! – You look for the START button as soon as you see the desktop ? Sorry but the start button will now RIP. Yes, there is no start button in Windows 8. Although you can always have it back through third party utilities.
    • DYNAMIC CONTENT – Much like smartphones and tablets, Windows 8 will feed you all sorts of information – notifications from social network, current time, unread e-mails, weather details, etc. It also comes with a Windows Store just like the Android Google Playstore or I-tunes store for easy downloading of applications.
    • REFRESH AND RESTORE – Hanging computer ? Need to format ? Not anymore. The new Windows 8 comes with REFRESH option that gives you default settings without losing any data. Also, the RESTORE button wipes the hard disk and re-installs the Operating System without the hassles of a formatting CD.
    Although the new Operating System, Windows 8 has an unusual list of features but it would be interesting to see how Indian users respond to it because computer literacy has still a long way to go in our country.

Swati Sharma

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