A True Friend

I have a habit of making friends and meeting new people, since I was a Journalist the habit helped me in making good relations and get Quality News Stories for my organization. In the due course of time, while I was working, I met so many people who are extremely talented in various fields. But there will always be one favorite to everyone. Likewise I have a person who is my favorite, who drives in a lot energy and enthusiasm with her words and art of storytelling. Her writings are marvelous with picture description. Best part is the usage of language; it is ‘Telugu’. And the person is none other than, Mrs Uma Kiranam (Uma Challa).

I still don’t know much about her, but whatever I know is equal to a drop in an ocean. She is the lady who inspired me to start writing in Telugu, a habit which I left after my 10th Standard. Other than being a Self Published Author, she is a Storyteller and a Mother. The relationship between Uma and her daughter is vice versa, mother is lucky to a daughter like Charumathi, and Charu is even luckier to have Uma as her mother.

Words fall short; expressions will never end if someone starts talking about this Super Mother. The way she carries self, they way she responds to any issue, be it formal, be it informal, be it any issue, she has a very different perspective to address the issue. She is an everlasting assert to Telugu Language and to this world. She is a lady with ethics and values, who has knowledge on various subjects. Meeting her for an Interview made us very good friends, most of the time, after an Interview the contact is lost, but here, after the Interview, the bond of friendship grew strong and now unbreakable.

May be she is the only lady who supports Men and fought for men’s rights and still she is helping those who are made victims of false cases. She is a lady who has equality towards men and women. Above all, she respect each individual and very polite to everyone. I was privileged to assist her in one of the storytelling sessions, which was the first time I ever attended a storytelling activity in my life. The story is written and tuned by her and then it is presented to the gathering, I was with a ‘Dhol’ trying to catch the tune and give a rhythmic beat. All the audiences, regardless of age were truly involved and were enjoying the session. The story gave insights of so many values, ethics and behavior of various beings.

Every time I meet her, there is something new I learn from her, it can be writing, or make best out of waste, or thought process. Whenever I call her for help and information, she always responds positively which itself will make my mind free from whatever I had. I am very fortunate that I’m friends with her. I wish, we stay as Friends forever.

Raygalla Kalyan Srinivas

I believe in proper existence and have my own ideology of leading life. I wish I was not told what is good and bad, I would have got a complete different way of approach and understanding of things. I feel that when there is Quality Education, the

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