Unheard Voices

Internships are probably one of the most important requisites in a Resume/Curriculum Vitae for a Job. They Prove that the candidate has worked in a real life situation and has gained certain technical expertise in that field.
Being a student of a not so succesful or “Premier” college, I have always received a negative response from people. I  had scored 85.5 % in my ISC exams and wanted to apply for B.A Economics Honours in a college in the University Of Delhi. Naturally I was admitted into an “Off – Campus” “Evening”  College.
Both these Phrases highlighted in Bold , seem to contribute effectively to my social “Unacceptance“.

So, Here I am , applying for internships  in various Companies/NGO’s for the Profile of Content Writer, Research Assistant etc. and I am Being constantly turned down. After being turned down by an online Magazine , I decided to enquire about its cause .
So I wrote a long E- Mail to the employer asking him to kindly notify the areas in which I could improve ,A very positive E- Mail which I thought  would help me in the long run. Surprisingly it did the exact opposite . He told me that , his current columnists were alumni’s or current students of “Premier” institutions and that I would have no chance because I was not “Cream” Quality as I could not secure my admission in such High Ranked Institutes. So am I to conclude by his E- Mail that I have no hope in securing an internship or rather a Job?

If I cant secure  internships, indirectly I will not be able to secure an adequate work experience for my Job or Even a Childhood dream of studying in some good colleges abroad.
The University Of Delhi provides the same certificate to every college affiliated to it irrespective of whether it is St. Stephens or Sri Aurobindo (Eve.) . Every Student gets a certificate according to his performance in Exams. Then why this huge discrimination?

Maybe I brave enough to write about this, but there might be hundreds like me, and we say education is equal. No matter how hard we try our “Voices will remain unheard” .

Ishaan Sengupta

I am a Student Of Sri Aurobindo College (eve.) , currently a fresher, studying FYUP - Economics Honours . I am interested primarily in Welfare Economics, Policy Research, Music and Drama. Hence My Contents provided will also be closely related

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