the lost symphony

It all started coming back to him, all those memories. The miserable times they spent together, those happy occasions he got share. No matter what happened it was with him all the time, with the only thing he loved most in this world. It was his world, but now it just laying high above in the web infested attic along with his mother’s chandelier. She was once honored and respected in the same house, now her partner was the dusted and rusted furniture.

That she was his loving “Sitara”.

Many such great instruments are eventually ending up in attics or in museums. Just because our generation has started considering them to be “Uncool”. It’s true that these historic Indian instruments can’t compete with the rocking guitars, or crazy pianos, but these instruments were once honored and respected by our ancestors. So take some time in your busy schedule and listen to these amazing instruments.

Here I have given a list of those unrewarded mystic instruments


Unique yet marvelous instrument! Born and bought up purely in India. But it now holds a minimum record of existence; people from jal tarang ancestral background are merely learning it. Gone were the days when jal tarang was used in recording, with computer generated sounds and artificially created music, the pleasantness to hear and see original waves rumble in front of us is lost in the sea of noise. It is rarely seen or heard, even though the gentle tinkle of its unique sound is quite pleasing. Literally, jal tarang means “waves in water” but indicates motion of sound created or modified with the aid of water.


No instrument in the world can produce music, such as this one does. It is an ultimate guest in Hindu rituals. It is overwhelming to see it being used in classic music even in these apocalyptic times. But the instrument has lost its honor as it is now being replaced by “DRUMS” .I am not exaggerating, if I tell you that there is no classical music or dance without this instrument.


Sitara is still a world renewed instrument, but it’s missing its mark in India .Pundit Ravishankar and his daughter have  assured that its rhythms don’t go unheard. Its plea was accepted worldwide, but in its own country it is not yet been accepted.

Many such instruments have been ignored; let’s not make them extinct like we did with all other cultural treasures

Vote for the one you want to protect!


haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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