Impending 700 years

People can barely move their hands; lives work on “a button”.

Press the button- food is there.

Press the button- friend arises

Press the button- watch movie or swim.

It is life 700 hundred years from now; well portrayed in the movie WALL-E.

How simple would life be on that ‘couch?’

Robots doing all our work, life would be so much easier- technology would play its role well.

Or would laziness take its toll on our health?

Everything has its pros and cons, so robots too come with its set of pros and cons?

Will we control them?


Will they control us?

How different is life going to be while we sit, eat and swim on ‘one couch?’

In the distant future robots are going to replace every space of our lives

A small waste collector robot WALL E has been left behind on earth to collect trash generated by the multinational companies. His only company being a sprightly pet cockroach, he does his routine of cleaning the place and inquisitively collects artifacts of human civilization.


And then one day everything changes- EVE a sleek and reconnaissance robot is sent to earth to find if life is again sustainable or not.

WALL E falls in love with her.

Little does WALL-E know that in search of his love who has entered the ‘deactivated’ state, WALL-E has stumbled upon a secret and discovered life on earth making us realize the importance of one “plant”.


If you haven’t watched this movie yet, take leisure time and watch this Disney and Pixar’s sci-fi adventure of travelling through the pros and cons of our development and where our human race is heading.

Not only will the adults learn about ‘life on earth’ but the kids will enjoy the ups and downs of this roller coaster movie.

WALL E released in 2008 grossed $23.2 million on its opening day and $63.1 million on its opening weekend. A sure hit, ranking #1 at the box office.

So take out one and half hours of your life and enjoy this escapade of WALL-E and EVE.

Ratings- 4/5

Krttika Shah

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