Daddy said I was the best

Mommy said I was the prettiest

They brought me up with great affection

I was replete with moral refinement


But when I tramp in the world

It gave me a thrill

Unfortunately dad, they execute a gender drill


If I don’t stand for my rights

They call me wimp

If I do

 they label me as combative,


if I don’t respond In rage

they call me blunt

if I do

they label me as diplomat,


if  I don’t cry myself to anyone

they call me heartless

if I do

they label as melodrama,


if I don’t talk to all guys

they call me a pimp

if I do

they label me as a flirt,


if I don’t disclose my crush

they call me a looser

if I do

they call me a stalker,


if I don’t dress sexy

they call me a nerd

if I do

they label me as a whore,


if I don’t booze

they call me boring

if I do

they label me an addict,


if I don’t argue

they call me easy

if I do

they label me as bossy,


if I don’t shout out my achievements

they call me baggy

if I do

they label me show off,


I want to be unlabeled

I want to be unrevealed

I want my ideals to fly high

And not just pass by

Pass by without completing my task

For this world, I don’t want to wear a mask

Please Daddy come to me,

Your lil princess is stuck,

Come to me with mommy

Come and unlabel me!



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nandika puri

nandika puri

be yourself and life will get you all you deserve(y)