Wacky Workouts

Some people find it extremely fun to indulge in yoga every day or work out every day at the gym. But some of us lazy souls have to be forced to even take a walk , by putting that time on the couch in front of the television on hold. In the off chance that people do get us to move our butts from the couch and into a gym, not many of us enjoy working out enough to make us go back there everyday. Being fit and healthy is of prime importance given the lifestyle most us urban people have. So it is absolutely necessary for us to keep that calorie count under control and shed that extra fat but boring traditional workouts in the gym aren’t that great a motivator. So what’s the solution to this problem?

People across the world have either come up with innovative neoteric workouts, modified existing workouts or incorporated sports and other activities as a part of workout regimes to make them more fun. Below we take a look at some of these fun workout plans. Some of these still haven’t found their way into Indian fitness centers but you can always enlighten your trainer on such crazy ideas and have him incorporate them into your routine.

Hula hoops bring back some really good childhood memories. Trying to keep them revolving about your hips was probably always a task but not once would you have fretted about it because, accept it, it was damn fun. Pick up a hula hoop, crank up a crazy mix and see if you are as good as you were when you were a kid. And whilst you are having fun doing that, you could burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes and tone your thighs and abs. Good enough a deal right?

Yoga can seem really drab but you can spice it up by doing it ‘aerially’. Aerial Yoga is traditional yoga performed in a large silk hammocks set hanging from the ceiling. Yoga routines will be made more exciting as you try to twist and stretch your body in mid-air.

Bouncing about in ‘Kangaroo Jump shoes’ is an outré exercise regime that’s fast catching up in the West. These shoes add an extra pull to your weight and double your resistance while performing aerobics. Prancing about the studio harnessed in these quirky jumpy shoes  could literally help you lose fat by leaps and bounds.

Zumba is a workout regime and a party at one shot. It has swank music, swank moves and an effective workout system packed into it. The dance routines bring together salsa, chachacha,hip hop, tango apart from other fun dance forms. If that’s not crazy enough for you, meet a variant of Zumba, Aqua Zumba which is basically Zumba done while being submerged in water waist high. So you get to shed weight while making some waves.

It is possible for you to get the svelte body structure of a surfer without having to paddle into the ocean thanks to indoor surfing. You can burn fat by emulating surfer moves on a balanced surfing board. This will help tone your muscles and as for the tan part, well…that you have to tend to yourself by making a trip to the beach.

Trapeze is a super fun and exhilarating outdoor activity that lets you bring out the circus star in you. What’s better is that you get to torch a lot of calories and shape your body as you flip and turn in the air.

Sandbells is a weights based workout regime involving bean bag look alikes filled with sand that can be used in place of kettle bells and dumbbells. They are flexible and easy to grasp and the routines involving them are absolutely fun like thrashing them on the floor and squatting to pick them up and circling them about your head which cannot be done that easily or without damage  using conventional weights. Added to this, it can also be a huge tension reliever as you can take out all the stress of a hard day on a sand bell.

These groovy and enjoyable routines will have you asking for more and you could become trim and fit in no time.


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