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Tired of applying jellies to get a toned body? Tired of work outs? Or looking for a fitness friend…? If that’s the case, you have landed to the right place….

In this modern contemporary era, where everyone is busy grinding their own axes, one hardly gets time for work out.  Whether you be a student who is stuck from school to running tuitions, or a workman buzzing his head on desk of 9 to 9 job,, or even a housewife bearing and rearing kid. None has time to   work out for the body! And here is where the problem starts!! Obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and all problems leads to only one target, DE shaped body! This DE shaped body bring with it, mocks and humiliations in society…ending you up in front of television tele marketing advertisements.

No sauna slim belt can’t help you, if you don’t decide to help yourself. Ten to one, this generation has huge intake of fast ready to cook food than the actual nutritious food, which ends it up to child obesity problems. Lack of outdoor games, and craze of x box has also corroded the situation even more. What will you do working hard, if your body stamina dies out? Everything will surely end in vain…

Everyone has been hearing since childhood. “Health is wealth”, “in a sound body lies a sound mind” but sadly, none follows. Dieting won’t fetch you any good, because at the end of the day you need energy, hence, dieting can make you internally weak!

This is the time to tone up on the treadmill, power up your runs, chart your progress and break out the shovel! Rightly said, old is gold, and best are the old remedies to tone up. Meditation and yoga even for fifteen minutes can work wonders. It not only keep your stress down but also makes your body flexible, keeping you away from various syndromes.

Yoga not only relaxes the mind but also improves immunity system. Although, it’s based on poses, each style has a special reason and impact. Some of the asanas are:

Hatha: it is slow paced beginner pose that focuses on breathing and helps to get enlighten.  All you have to do is sit quietly, then start slowly, with poise and grace. Easy!!It not only relieve stress but also improves stamina.

Vinyasa: it is again a breath synchronised movement which links breathe with movement and builds lean is a great asana for kids, who wish to earn flexibility and improve strength. Even teens benefit from it as it tones abdominal muscles and reduce risk of heart diseases. Indeed it is a magical curing wand for diabetes patients as well.

Ashtanga: it metamorphic ally focuses on eight limbs. It’s another name for desi “power yoga”.it is an intense form of yoga, which purifies sweat that detoxifies muscles and results in improved blood circulation, flexibility and a calm mind.

Yoga is something that benefits everyone without being biased to any age group. It helps to maintain body tempo and benefits in a long run.

The benefits of physical exercises are countless. It helps to control weight, builds up stamina, and helps to achieve a toned up makes one grow healthy and young.

A morning walk can keep you young for years to come. Moreover, having honey mixed in warm water, early morning empty stomach, not only dilutes down waste but also soaks body’s extra fat.

It’s not the hour to look at your tyres in the mirror and feel disheartened. It’s the time to run a mile.

Keep reading, stay healthy!

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