When Tech-Passion Meets Fashion


“Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

Travel the world and the seven seas

Everybody’s looking for something…..”


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear’s ad is just so catchy that I could not help myself from checking it out via our very own mother of all the knowledge – “Google” 😉


Man!! Laying your hands on one of that would really be such a ‘sweet dream’ indeed! It’s so useful, creative and fashionable that you can just flaunt it almost everywhere. Aah I could just go on and on about it… It’s so good to see how the recent developments on the technological front have given us so much inspiration to just keep on making more out of it…. Starting from the very first gadget that man wore as part of making a fashion statement, technology and fashion has indeed come a long way.

The very first gadget which was added to men’s wardrobe was the pocket ‘calculator watch’ which was introduced in the early 1980s that later became the most popularly worn electronic gadget. Over the years new technology and designs started coming out and led to many miraculous inventions such as the wrist watch, portable phones, wireless mobiles, ipods, ipads, smartphones, tabs etc. etc. and today, “satellite dresses”, the most popular one being the ‘Google- Glass’ that made almost all of us ogle at it…

Intriguing right?

Broadly termed as “Wearable Technology”, it was developed with the aim of combining technology and apparels so that people can use it everyday, thereby making the interaction between fashion and technology frictionless, easily accessible and better useable. As a result, today we have some of the most mind-boggling tech-savvy accessories and clothes at our disposal. But why aren’t such clothes still not available for the common man? A fashion blog by the name of ‘Fashion Startup’ suggested that due to very high cost of production and the limited market for such items, it is highly unlikely that we’ll see any such type of dresses hanging on the windows of any retail shops in the near future. A few of the consumer counsellors say that only technology is not enough reason and cannot convince everybody to strap on a computer to their faces. However fashion enthusiasts say that if developed effectively, wearable technology can be the future mainstream fashion. So is this entire trend of wearable technology the next big thing in the fashion world? Or is the fashion world the next big hotshot platform for the technology sector to promote itself?

Well, the argument is endless…but here’s a compilation of the tech-savvy apparels that surely grabbed some eyeballs over the years worldwide.

Doesn’t Lady Gaga look absolutely stunning here in her ‘ORBIT DRESS’? This dress left many girls going ‘ga-ga’ all over it… (P.s. Including celebs, designers and the paparazzi)

With that diva-kinda walk down the red carpet, the ‘Born This Way’ lady totally rocked the 2010 Grammy Awards event. An instant hit which got people live-tweeting about her dress and the tweets featuring there in her orbit dress, she became the fashion world’s favourite chameleon in this shiny, silvery, 3D number that was made in collaboration with the world famous fashion brand – Georgio Armani.

Giving in to the rage, many celebs like Heidi Klum, Katy Perry, Fergie, Jennifer Hudson and Victoria Beckham also wore tech-savvy dresses that created a new vibe all throughout the world. Following suite, many fashion designers and fashion houses started manufacturing futuristic tech-enabled dresses under the label called “Sci-Fi Fashion”, many of them featuring in Lakme Fashion Week. This trend generally consisted of 3D prints, bionic lenses to shed off progressive spectacles, smart watches, shoes , Whenwi-fi enabled neckpieces, easy to wear saree-dresses to cater to western clients, mobile phone dresses, call vibrator wireless finger rings (the “Smarty Ring”) and ear rings and what not…

It’s as if you just name it and it’s there in reality. So what’s next?

Reports suggest that technology developers are now working over a new kind of technology that can harness water into the shape of a dress. The photoshopped prototype has already been released online by actress and model Gisele Bundchen in her footwear line though when this prototype will become actual clothing is still unknown.

Anyway, as they say one should always be open to new ideas, so let’s all be hopeful for more such mind blowing innovative ideas to come forth to mankind.

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