Women on Pin-ups

right from the 1960’s started to re-emerge as the era of the visual
aesthetics. Not that Toulouse and Van Eyck didn’t do their job but the
once-preferred plump white women wearing pearls and feathers stroking
their cats purring on velvet cots were no longer preferred. While some
used it in the form of devious double-meaning propaganda, others were
downright sexually straightforward. It may well have been called the
kernel of sensuously influential commercial that turned golden at the
hands of all those workers, bachelors and sneaky husbands. This is where
it all started.

more were women on posters with babies in their arms during the WWI to
encourage young boys to fight for their family, their country or in the
industrial revolution with tools raised with honor to show that they too
had a place in factories. Women became teenagers once again, kicking
off their heels, letting down their beautiful brunette locks with a
bright beaming smile and a flirtatious expression. The wind blowing much
of the polka dotted skirt right where all attention was caught frozen.

became pin-up girls, skirts became shorter and physical features were
overly emphasized. Red lips and sensuous eyes called out to every boy
and man towards them. Monet and Monroe were both extraordinarily
brilliant artists but the era with the latter was the era that defined a
women with how much she attracted the opposite sex.

were everywhere! On calendars, stickers, posters, advertisements,
cereal boxes, matchboxes, wrapping paper, wallpapers and whatever else
was manufactured at the time.

course it all still continues but thankfully there are now other
occupations, departments, enterprises, offices that have women as CEOs,
head chefs, directors, owners, entrepreneurs. Thankfully.

Jasleen Kaur

Besides the two words of my name, the other two words that define me are writing and photography. I adore them both! For everything else, all it takes is one conversation. Take the tour! :)

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