Objectification of women- an overstretched issue!

We often come across with the subject sometimes in newspaper or magazines where a piece of writing is trying its best to prove that we all are surrounded in an environment where this materialization has became an issue of concern. Cinema, advertisements, raunchy lyrics and videos all are contributing towards it.
Talking to a friend about the matter, she mentioned those obscene deodorants ads where women are getting allured by a man who applies it. According to her, these commercials treat women a piece of meat who are meant to satiate the sexual hunger of men.
Throughout that day I was thinking about it and advertently in the next day’s bollywood supplement I came across with an article which was also talking about the flimsy and objectified role of women in media of all forms. I failed to understand that why this issue doesn’t seem an issue to me at all. Does the problem lies inside me?  Am I being immature or casual and insensitive? I was in two minds but after a very long time I realized that the problem isn’t with me.
Basically people have engrossed themselves so much into it that they watch everything from a critical spectacle. I am sure who so ever will read this article will think that I do not understand the gravity of the situation but, just think are these commercials treating women or men as an object? I guess it’s the guy because ladies in his ambit and sometimes outside his domain (like the one where angels fall as well) want to consume him and not contra wise. It is he who is being fantasized and not the lady.
Also, if we look at them from a broader perspective we can observe that they are contributing towards women empowerment and emancipation also. They are no more portrayed as demure and fragile. They can now freely express their sexuality which was earlier considered as taboo and have torn the moral codes that women need to be covered from head to heels.
One point on which I would really like to expostulate upon is that the origin of this materialization lies in those ancient paintings and sculptures which are dated centuries back. Why don’t we find and call attention to errors and flaws in them from the angle of objectification? Rather they are being dismissed in the name of beauty and aestheticism.
The poster of a lady in lingerie will become a source of objectification but not a naked lady in canvas.
The major problem lies in the society is when they correlate the term with victimization. It becomes a tool for justifying crimes associated with women. Every now and then rapes take place and the politicians blame it on the media, but they have to understand that they both are different from each other. The germs of sin lie inside the human. It is he who instigates himself and no-body.
 The fragments of objectification are present in every being irrespective of their gender. It would be better if we start realizing and accepting because obviously when we meet somebody, it is their appearance which we notice first and not their intellectual abilities. And girls if next time someone says that you are sexy or hot try to be appreciative about it rather getting offended.

Deeti Gupta

No I am not reticent it just I am little out of time anyways I feel it's very difficult to for me to describe myself. Initially you can find me diffident and laconic but gradually you will realize that more or less I am like that only (lol).

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