Nokia Lumia 610- WANNA TRY IT?

This is the time of technology more than anything and we are crazy about it, whether it is an  ipad, laptops, tabs or cell phones, right?.

A 12th class student enters a college, he wants a new phone. Whether it’s a new college to show some tashhan or its a new job to boast in front of others, even some people like to change their cell phone after sometime.

I come in the last category of people. Since I joined my post graduation, there was a plan of me buying it. This birthday my parents gifted me NOKIA LUMIA 610 (bought a black one, it is always in!).


Price-Rs 12,300 

Memory- 8 GB, 256 MB RAM

First the positive things:

1. Display- I am an avid reader and wanted a device that would make easy my reading of PDFs. It clearly scores a point in that. I tried sony experia tipo too, it was too small for my choice.

2. Cool interface- many of have seen windows 8 interface, it is quite similar to it, but it’s based on windows 7.5(upgrade on its way).

3. Memory- if comparison is done with Lumia 510, obviously the more memory the merrier.

4. Camera- its 5 megapixel camera is much better and come with flash too.

5. Multitasking- yes it came as a surprise to me too.

6. Great battery life- I just charge it for half an hour and literally its battery support is awesome. There is a facility of battery saver options too.

7. Value for money- strong build, Smartphone at this price. All an all a great offer

Now the negative point

  1.       No Bluetooth usage- I was shocked when I bought this and I got to know its Bluetooth is used for next to nothing. No sending or receiving files anything. You can just transfer contacts using this. I read somewhere in next update may be January they are going to fix this (hoping for it).
    1.       Using skydrive every time to transfer files is a tiresome work.
    2.       Zune as a pc suite- remember your last Nokia, how easy it was to connect it and transfer everything. With this new suite it is not.
    3.       Can’t mark multiple contacts- if there is a message to be sent to your friends either make a group for them or select them individually.
    4.       No expandable memory- it is just you and your 8 GB. Use it wisely.
    5.       It Hangs- I encountered this problem just few days back, while playing a game.
    6.       Less number of applications- there are many games that can’t work on it, for that it need at least Lumia 710. Compared to android, many games are not free.

    But after a whole month, I started getting used to it. Initially it was difficult for me to switch to Windows from Android, but I was able to make the switch. It is a  good buy on the whole.


well, i am a confident, always smiling, high spirited girl from Delhi, who love to read novels like anything(can live on it only) and write about things which i love (like novels, techie stuffs et al).

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