The vulnerability of young children is posing a great threat to the current society. The clinical studies conducted in the past years suggest the children who undergo any type of sexual, physical, mental violence during their early and latter part of childhood are accelerating at a rapid rate and it is well likely they develop life threatening disabilities as a consequence. The effect of abuse on children by their own parents or a respected member of the family may be visible but that’s not enough to be considered as one of the symptoms.

If the problem didn’t occur due to domestic violence at home, there is a fifty-fifty chance the parents are aware of it. For instance, a shy child may not be mistaken for an abused child. Nevertheless, alarming signs shall never be ignored as this is a matter of real concern; neglecting the abuse can result over the death of an innocent life. Thus the parents must have a clear understanding of child rearing and must know-how to respond to them when they enter into an unpleasant situation involving their children. Recovery of the child must always come first, then fighting against the abusers.

Notable fighters of child abuse in India consist of ARPAN, RAHI, and CHILDLINE.

Now let us see what they do and how they do.

ARPAN is a voluntary organization situated in Mumbai. It is started for the sake of protecting young children from the sexual offenders. When a child is found to have been sexually abused, the organization members render their shoulders to the victim if needed to the parent also, by providing proper psychological therapy. They aim to recover the abused children as soon as possible so they can live a healthy, joyful life.

RAHI(Recovering and Healing from Incest) is a Non-Governmental Organization based in New Delhi. Their primary service includes awareness on child sexual abuse and the ways to prevent them. The employees of RAHI have employees who are survivors of sexual violence. Besides creating awareness, they give educational, communicational and spiritual support to the victims.

CHILDLINE Indian foundation which is popularly known to the public as 1098 service offers various help to children although the background of their abuse may differ. Child trafficking, children affected by HIV/AIDS, Child marriage, mistreatment due to gender bias, violence against disabled/orphaned children, parents who have lost their children and now searching for them vigorously are some of the social causes behind why the organization runs.

Child abuse free India is the prime reason for establishing organizations such as the above owing to the fact, exploitation of children is not a social issue that must be taken very lightly. An increase in the number of child victims depicts an increase in the number of culprits and diminishes the growth of a country.

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Infantina Thanga Nivetha

Infantina Thanga Nivetha