Summers are here- Beat the heat

The temperatures begin to soar high in many parts of India. Summers are here, the days are long and sweaty! The air blows dry and is hot and unbearable. Your skin seems to be sucking the heat deeper into your skin. The humidity in the air prevents us from working effectively. To look at it from the positive angle, you can enjoy ice creams to your hearts content. Nobody will say you no. But summers could be irritating and stressful for many people.

Sun is here to pull you down but don’t lose hope. Here are some cool ways by which you can beat the heat.

  1. Keep it cool, eat well: Yes, it is very important to keep cool both physically as well as mentally. The scorching heat is already draining your energy away; let not your emotions or thoughts also add to the energy exhaustion. Eat light and include nutritious and non-oily food like fruits or vegetables. Fruit contain 92% water content and are rich in Vitamin C. You will improve the moisture content in your skin that you lose through sweating.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Drink a lot of fluids and keep yourself hydrated. The heat of the sun de-hydrates water from our body in the form of sweating. To protect yourself from dehydration leading to sunstroke, make sure you are having plenty of water. A normal individual can drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. This amount of water is necessary for the normal functioning of our body. The requirement increases during summers. Best thirst quenchers for the body include- a glass of plain water, coconut water, lemon water, fruit and vegetable juices or buttermilk.
    • Wear light clothes: With all the heat and already existing pollution outside, stay cool and feel light with summer clothing. Be sure to dress up in light, loose cotton clothing. Cotton clothing makes you feel lighter and less stressed or irritated even while you are travelling.
    • Protect you skin and hair from the effects of hot sun: Since the earth gets closer to earth during this season, the harmful UV rays from the sun tend to damage your skin and hair. Use sunscreen and carry an umbrella whenever you are leaving home or office, especially during the afternoons when the sun is at its peak. Do not forget to take your sunglasses along with you. They protect your eyes from harmful radiations and keep them cool at the same time.
    • Stay indoors: Well, the this is the best solution to stay away from the scorching sun outside- stay indoors! This is something that is not possible always and for many, work demands us to be outside for long hours. All those who can stay home consider yourself lucky. Cook healthy food, relax and enjoy. While you are indoors, try to hang a wet cloth by a window which is open. This ensures cool air through the wet cloth. Do not forget to keep your house ventilated. Those who cannot afford to stay indoors for long hours, follow the above mentioned steps and beat the heat. Try not to plan any activity during the hottest part of the day- the afternoons.

    As the mercury rises, the last thing on one’s mind is food – but if you eat smart, small & light meals and accompany it with plenty of fluids you will be a cool winner. Do not ignore any signs of symptoms of a sunstroke. Always carry a bottle of water along with you. Stay cool from within, beat the heat!

Archita Mishra

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