5 Healthy Fast Food Options

          Fast food has become an inevitable part of our life. Fast food items like burgers,chips and nuggets give that instant gratification but we overlook the fact that they may not be healthy at all. It is extremely important to eat a healthy diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle helps us to stay away from diseases. A grab and go meal is what everyone with a busy schedule wants. You will like to have fast food, particularly when you are in your 20\’s or early 30\’s. Fast foods are damn luring and they just make you forget everything.

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Fast food joints like KFC and Subway always have some healthy options in their menus. The choice is up to you. Anyways, here are a few healthy fast food options in India:

  1. Salads:

Have a look at the menu card and find out some options like salads. However you need to be careful about not adding mayo sauce to it. A grilled of chicken and a few green leafy veggies along with some fresh raw onions and tomatoes are sure to make a good nutritious meal. A good amount of vegetables in your salad will surely make you feel full.

  1. Wraps:

One of the most popular and a healthy fast food options in India. There is no doubt that you\’ll have to be specific about the mayo and the cheese but,otherwise, they are sure to add vegetables and a few pieces of chicken or meat to it. For the wraps, they\’ll usually use breads. There are numerous varieties of breads to choose from. From the multi- grain honey oat bread to Italian wheat bread. They certainly are a healthy choice and yes, they are irresistibly decilious too.

  1. Sandwiches:

Care should be taken before ordering a sandwich. Go for the multi grain bread or the Italian wheat bread. Add a considerable amount of lettuce and tomatoes to it. If you want, you can also add some cucumbers. There are places that offer customized sandwiches that will help you to go for healthy fast food options.

  1. Go vegan:

In most of the fast food joints, they are sure to have some healthy as well as tasty vegetarian options. The hot classic herb sandwich offered by the subway is the best example. It is always better to choose a vegetarian burger. But sometimes, you need to weigh your options. A healthy fast food option will be a sandwich with grilled vegetables.

  1. Burritos:

This is certainly one of the ideal healthy fast food options as this is a combination of bread wrapped with a lot of baked beans. In most cases, there will be meat added to it. This will help in filling your stomatch with just one burrito. It will also help in keeping your stomach full. Vegetables will give your body a nutritious meal.

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