In me, You Live.

Not even my wildest dreams, desired our separation, for, our love was meant to last, not just for now, but for eternity. It was just then that I realised, that every flower that blooms gracefully, will sometime in its life, be plucked and thrown away. They say love is eternal, and so did I fall in its beauty, failing to realise that beauty is just a momentary pleasure. That night I witnessed in him, part of his soul sheltered by brute, that lay hidden, all the while. For him, separation may have been a  mere word, but little did he know that, to me, it meant the estrangement of my soul from its  physical presence. Time just meant numbers to me, letting me get burnt into ashes.


I waited and waited, for drops of his love to fall upon me, for, I could feel myself lay, like a dry and barren land, with no hope of survival. As humans, we all tend to surrender ourselves to that one person, who means to us, something more than the world. To me, he meant even more. Each day, I stood by my door side, waiting for his arrival. Days ran, and so did my mind, bundled with thoughts.


After days of prayers, that offered tears, I could feel love surround me, once again. I may have been betrayed in life, by people, but no, love did exist. In me and in him. The lovely bond that had always existed between us, crept into his heart, making him feel my love. Our bond now, strengthened, just as how the fragrance of a flower increases, with the blooming. He had always been a part of me, my better half. His very existence gave me positive energy and the confidence to conquer life. Yes, he turned me into a new leaf, I’d say. A leaf that had never felt so beautiful before, by itself. He is the one whom I could trust, with no boundaries.


Though I had never felt this love anytime before, there arrived a sense of fear that had not existed in me, back then. The fear of losing him, for, he was the only one to whom I had exposed my masks, that I had been sporting, throughout life.


No matter how life decides to play with us, this bond between us, can never be broken. I may be surrounded by lovely people, in life; but none can complete me, the way you do. In me, you live.


Very much into writing.

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