A Layman’s Guide to Perfect Politics

Indian political fraternity is one of high intelligence, stern morality and an excellent sense of judgement and not to mention the tidiest governance one can possibly get around the globe. We, as a nation have developed to such a humungous extent that even heaven seems like hell, relatively.  As we all know and the least perceptive of you will soon realise, the Indian constitution runs on the ideals of ‘equality’, ‘liberty’, ‘justice’, ‘sovereignty’ and most importantly ‘peace’. India is a nation which is inhabited by the most tolerant social beings on earth. So what makes India stand apart from the rest of the nations?

Well I think the layman knows the answer to that one- impotency. No do not burst out laughing folks. But that’s what we have in our plates today. Politics in India has reached an absolute zero state in terms of shame. Day in and day out we see the numerous scams popping out of the plasma screens of the layman or common man or the poor ‘aam aadmi’ as we would happily say it in Hindi. The sterile nature of our politicians and citizens alike towards the current state of affairs of our shining nation has proved to be the game changer for democracy. It is so sterile that even after several treatments it has failed to stand up on its limbs and instead is found to be crawling on its belly.

Have our civilians and administrators lost their mind? In 1947 A.D., our constitution was drafted. A new system named minority quota bill was introduced by Dr.Ambedkar which would provide some sections of our society, which were divided into many castes by our glorious 10000 year old society, with an equal chance to rise as a successful citizen in terms of wealth and education. This would probably uplift them, giving them an equal opportunity in almost every institution. Now, this seems to be a legitimate bill since the so called upper caste section of our glorious society has always discriminated and degraded them and denied their very existence in many cases. Lot of crimes were committed against them sometimes even amounting to murder. But then what was seemingly the problem?

This was India’s first major mistake committed in 1947. For those who do not know or have ignored, this bill was drafted ONLY for a period of 10 years from independence i.e. it should have been scrapped off in 1957. BUT, even in year 2012, we have this bill running strongly and spreading fast like Usain Bolt with a jet pack. Today, we have something called the “sub-quota” which is basically quota within quota. In the year 2010, the UN proposed a bill which would eliminate caste system from countries like India. But our great Indian government and its honourable citizens rejected it. Today, most of you won’t even recall which bill I am talking about. This is what I call sterility. Not even knowing about your nation. Now people would say “low caste people are still being treated badly and not being given an opportunity”. Oh really? They are being pushed forward let it be in education sector, health sector, job sector, civil services etc. The reason for the bill not being scrapped is simply for electoral purposes or vote bank. If we had listened to the U.N and passed the bill into our glorious society there would have been no minority bill. The bill has become a norm instead of need. SC, ST, OBC, etc. and even for those who earn more than the Indian treasury probably owns are eligible. Why such laws? I would like to pose a question to the late Dr.Ambedkar, the current politicians and the civil society, “has this bill done any good? It provided opportunity to the unemployed and the UNEMPLOYABLE alike. BUT did it remove discrimination?” you would agree that it did not. In team Anna, the harbingers of justice and slayers of corruption, a ridiculous quota was demanded. The argument was, “we did not get opportunities since we are from the lower caste. We are unemployed because we belong to the lower caste.”Mr.Politician, you are denied opportunity because you probably did not have merit. You are unemployed because you are unemployable. You do not have the knowledge. Is it our fault? Quota for I.A.S officers? Is this a joke which is being played by you? If they are I.A.S., then they are already qualified. Why is a quota being demanded here? This is what the layman would like to call intelligence and hats off to the brilliant brain that inhabits the cranium of your skull.

Leaving merit behind but keeping alive the topic of caste, ever since 10000 years and in year 2010, in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India, a Dalit was burnt alive by “Brahmins” or so called godly people of our nation whom ‘god’ declared as closer to him in his scriptures. The crime being – visit to a temple. Is this what a nation with a million children hungry on independence year deserve? We got freedom just to see these days? Is India truly a nation which believes in equality? Then why do we still have the 10000 year old caste system on our backs? When is India going to be a nation which looks towards the future instead of hanging on to the past?

Moving on from one frustrating topic called caste to an infuriating one – regionalism. While our constitution was being framed, it was proposed that India shall be divided on the basis of linguist. Now, how in the wildest dreams can a person belonging to one lingo have a different set of needs from the other? Don’t we all belong to the same nation? This was our second great mistake committed in 1947. Ever since 1947, there had been a lot of regional conflicts. For examples are a thousand but my memory is a minion, the recent attack on “north Indians” in the state of Maharashtra by the well acclaimed and honourable political party named MNS whose president as far as I can remember is Raj Thackeray, the nephew of Bal Thackeray(shiv sainiks). They claim on the racial superiority of the people of Maharashtra. These parties believe in the ideologies of Chattrapati Shivaji and want a pure Maratha state. Non-Marathi civilians perhaps have ‘conquered’ Mumbai and some other parts of Maharashtra like Nagpur and Pune. And they are particularly against the ‘Aryan race’. Of course it is true that there is a vast land grab in Mumbai. Civilians from other states allegedly have occupied the coastal area and have built slums. Yes this is true. Most of the slum people are from the northern states of U.P, Bihar and Punjab. Mumbai is one of the largest slum belts in the world with mafia and underworld using these poor people in begging racket and human trafficking.

BUT is protectionism good for any nation? Are you trying to isolate ‘your’ state from rest of India? If all the non-Maharashtrian civilians are removed from Mumbai, the whole economy will come crashing down. Dalal Street will be on its belly with a plastic bowl begging the British to re-capture India. The probable way to move the population accumulation is to develop other cities in Maharashtra and other states. Jobs can be outsourced to several other states. Job movement should be frequent and the slum areas should be cleared and a green-belt can be proposed with ‘Indians’ as its protectors. We are Indians and can live, work and enjoy in any part of India. The most shameful thing about this whole episode was murder of many non-Maharashtrians, physical torture of non-Maharashtrian priests having a peaceful nap at the steps of a temple (even god could not protect them). Guerrilla warfare on non-Maharashtrians on the street corners was rampant for a few weeks. This outrageous and shameful incident has tarnished the image of India forever. Such cheap politics played by these political classes doesn’t show the might of their ancestors but the insecurity these people have which cause this shameful deed and a blot on humanity for reasons like mere cheap prejudices. Then why do you want to live in India? Can’t you find a tiny island somewhere in the middle of Pacific Ocean where your race, religion and language can be safe and secure from parasitic vermin like myself who has infested you? Violence can justify absolutely nothing. It can only expose the barbarianism and the cowardice in you. This is what the layman or the aam aadmi loves to call as sheer impotency. Period

Another lovely topic is moral policing. In India, there is an ideology that ‘change is bad’. People of India have actually never moved on. We are stuck in the 5000b.c era where women were kept in prisons today popularly known as homes. Actually I confess the truth that my nation was the one which introduced the concept of marriage. Well I am not going to talk about marital laws. Since time immemorial, our female counter parts have been subjected to the eye of morals. Morals in India always meant “how a woman should behave in home and public alike” cover your head with a tent, wear an all revealing piece of cloth named sari, do not speak to a man in public, get married as soon as 15 and so on. In modern times the laws have upgraded. No jeans, no holding hands of guys especially your age group, no love, no relationships, get educated only to find a good match etc. in order to propagate these messages, religious groups who believe that the young generation doesn’t comply to values, have formed groups called moral police. In 2009, a few girls in a pub in Bangalore or Bengaluru were physically attacked by a group of Hindu moral police. These jobless eunuchs take law in their hands against those who broke no law! In which law book is it written that a woman cannot go pubbing? Which law states that a person cannot marry outside their creed or breed? In northern India there is a special civil court known as the Khap-panchayat or simply village courts. These are run by the so-called wise men of the village, which in my view are nothing but miserable and frustrated, blood sucking bats that are a blot to the name wisdom and a disgrace to humanity.

             The only law that they follow is punishment amounting to death. If a person marries another one who belongs to a different creed has to be burned to death or pelted with stones. What is the difference between us and the Arab world? Aren’t we supposed to be more human? Why do we need Khap-panchayats which are run by illiterate fools? Why should these uneducated scum bats rule our society? Why are we allowing them to terrorise our young minds? Isn’t it our responsibility to raise our voices against these scavengers? But till today, these khaps have not been banned. Any parallel government trying to disrupt the course of law and order and freedom of our nation should not be tolerated. These khaps commit a sin as heinous as murder but get away since they are the law makers! Don’t we have the right to be with people we like? What kind of disgusting and intolerable social animals would kill their own children for doing what is right for them? The only way to stop this social menace is to bring education and enlightenment to these villages and legalise love marriages and provide protective laws for the youth of this nation.

              Religious intolerance is another issue taken with a pinch of salt, a quarter of lemon and a shot of tequila. I won’t be talking much about this issue because of the lack of examples and knowledge on religion. India has been a religious hot bed. A nation which boils even without being ignited provided on the name of god and religion. Since long, even before independence, long before British rule, kingdoms have been fighting over religion. The two and only dominant religions in the Indian subcontinent were Hinduism and Islam. Hindus were natives of this land and Islam invaded India (though Indian Muslims are pure Indians but Islam by virtue of conversion). We split into small kingdoms and were never in peace with each other. People say that India is the only nation which never invaded any other nation. Well the fact is there was no nation called India. We were several minion kingdoms. So it’s understood that India itself is an invaded land. We kept fighting amongst ourselves. These crusades and wars continued. And then India was split into India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal all in the name of religion. Ever since, we have become self-destructive. The Godhra riots in Gujarat with a C.M who could have stopped the genocide but preferred to sit and enjoy with a mug of beer instead, the destruction of Babri masjid which created hate among Indians, the Bombay riots that followed etc. are testimony to what went wrong with our so-called unity in diversity. I would say it’s a forced-into-unity nation. A few wrong decisions made by our pre-independence era leaders crippled an entire nation paving way for violence, religious extremism and terrorism. Politicians have played a nasty role of using these ultra-sensitive people as vote banks. Giving hate speeches in public like our beloved Mr Varun Gandhi, Vajpayee and others.

              India gives homage to lot of god men. Televangelists, Babas, Qazis and other hate mongers whom I classify and unify irrespective of their religion as – CON MEN. These are plunderers, looters, thieves and murderers of democracy. They mock at us without even saying it. And we the people of India believe all the filth that they throw at us. Wake up people, they are here only to loot your wallets and corrupt your minds. Rise above religions. Do not have blind faith. Do not forget to doubt and question every institution.

              Now this is what the layman likes to call the straight men. They make use of our empty brains and twist it in every shape possible.

              The next burning issue is corruption and the degrading economy. Both are intertwined. This is a rather funny thing as far as I am considered because the solution seems to be right in front of our eyes but people are going backward and instead of thinking about the solution, they are supporting the people who have done the scam! This cannot get more ridiculous. Take for example, the youth icon and a great human- Jagan Mohan Reddy. The recent scandal that he has on his plate has exposed a great deal of wealth worth more than 500 million which might make him wealthier than our corporate-superman Anil Ambani. Allegedly, Jagan has a 25 floor building in Bangalore, a mansion in Mauritius, lots of undeclared shares in some companies worth a million dollar. Where has all this money come from? Can I please see the tax returns? Did it fall off from televangelism shows? Or did it come from some other source? Still people are out on streets protesting his arrest. Why? Have these blood sucking politicians loot you off your logic? Or does the civil society really want self-sabotage?

              Another example is that of A.Raja. A con artist, politician and ex-telecom minister who plundered 17.6 million million! Now that is a not so large number for a nation like India. But enough to burn the belly of a nation with a billion and a half. Imagine what miracles 17.6 million million can do to a nation of a billion. Whose money is it? It is yours and mine. It was scammed out of public money.

              India has a trillion billion dollars in Swiss bank which makes it richest second to the Americas. But then why are we still poor? Why are a million children still mal-nourished? Are we so impotent that we cannot reclaim what is rightfully ours? This is heights and yes my blood boils and at the same time I laugh at the lack, sterility, impotency, inadequacy and acute shortage of intelligence within the inhabitant of the cranium. Votes probably cannot change our nation nor can laws. What we need is a CONSTITUTIONAL REVAMP. All the laws need to be changed. Politicians who have a criminal record should not be given candidature to participate in the elections. Scammers who loot our nation should be stripped off their Indian citizenship. Caste system should be done away with. A totally new outlook is needed towards governance. Priorities should be reset. Religion should be removed from political agendas.

               I am not against politicians or politics. In fact I think politics is the most challenging and the best field to be in since it has changed civilizations forever. It is time for renaissance.

              This is for the politicians. You should by now stop being parasitic scum bags, jobless, unemployable hate mongers, and greedy tyrants. OR ELSE YOU WILL BE DIGGING A GRAVE FOR YOURSELF IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD

Ajay Kumar

i am a 20 year old aerospace bee interested in rockets and literature.

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