Are you an Addict? Lets find out..

You know you are addicted to the internet and your computer when,

You are ready to sacrifice 3days of food for an hour of using the internet.
Your fingers involuntarily dial the number of your ISP, just a second after the rear computer in the network icon of your computer has stopped blinking.
You open the lid of your laptop instantaneously after opening your eyelids after a sleep.
You update your status on facebook even if your ass itches, as if facebook would send a guy home to scratch your ass.
You jump up and down, hands raised in air, cheering Go! Go!, just by refreshing the scores on cricinfo, as opposed to watching it on television.
You use smileys in real life, and write 🙂 or a 😛 for a silly thing you have written, or dangle your tongue out and wriggle it after having said something stupid, and your tongue showing that you are silly 😛
You refresh your mailbox a zillion times in 5minutes, hoping a new refresh would generate a mail to read and reply to.
You are extremely delighted when your mailbox shows Inbox(1), even if it is just a new advertising mail.
You have half an hour exam left for your exam and consider  tweeting it more important than preparing for the exam.
You frantically search for a long lost friend on orkut/facebook, find him, add him and later forget that he was even born , leave alone speaking to him.
You take photographs of yourself and your friends, with the sole motive of increasing the count of your online album, and waiting for people to comment on them after uploading.
Your fingers involuntarily creep to Ctrl-T and type when you are asked a doubt by your friend.
You suddenly wakeup in the middle of the night and check if anyone’s online, to chat.
You look at the bottom-right of your computer screen , when you want to know the time.
You feel internet is a resource that shouldn’t be wasted and download anything under the sun.
You have stopped buying music cds and download torrents for your music.
Your download status has reached 98% and you keep staring at it, and cheer it from the heart to make it 100% soon.
You feel signing off from Gtalk or yahoo is a deadly, unforgivable sin and stay connected 24*7.
You tell the newspaper boy to no more deliver newspaper at your home, and you logon to e-papers to read news.
You have already read a thousand lists like these before this and  feel all these are not applicable to you and brush them aside.


Internet Addict. Professional crooner. Day dreamer.

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