When Actions and Words Both Speak the Same Loud


The Viking has been swinging like a
timeless pendulum lately and this is that split-second situation where
Moody’s been moody and Wall Street has been Brawl Street. To dispute
comes in our dermis and a time like this where the journals and the news
and the B-town gossip are gurgling with golden banners of slur slogans
& shout-outs and so witty that even a down trader himself shows a
scowling smirk occasionally.


and recession never really left the economy. They were hiding behind
that 1% of America’s abound affluent and of course the supersized, extra
large burgers and beer keg. Only the kings and dukes are born with a
silver spoon, these rich however have incorporated their own
industrial/business/private organizations where each unit produced is
platinum. It’s a bad time to be a consumer and employee and trader and
businessman and homemaker and all of the above.


how much weight can an elephant lose. The moneyed man has forex points
to worry about where the common man has sustainability to dread. A to-be
graduate doesn’t want to attend graduation because even before he steps
out from university premises, he’s already unemployed.


just that frightening that even the cameraman covering the live
broadcast of the service slump of protestors, he’s actually trying to
hold the camera steady.


past the age of writing anonymous letters to the representatives of our
party in power, or sending emails for news channels to flash as
headlines for a second, or complain to our neighbor of the calamity
that’s hovering over the economy like a ravenous predator. This is the
age of shouting out: from our words and from our diaphragm.


And this, right now, is just one domino falling.

Jasleen Kaur

Besides the two words of my name, the other two words that define me are writing and photography. I adore them both! For everything else, all it takes is one conversation. Take the tour! :)

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